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Another text widget question

  1. I have searched the forums but haven't found the answer to my problem. I'm using Regulus and several text widgets. My issue is the size of the text in the widget. If I just past the text in, it is very small (like in my Sideblog) and the text all runs together. If I want to separate the paragraphs, I have to use the < p > stuff and then the text is larger (like in my about box). I like the smaller text but it seems that if I use the font size thing, it doesn't get any smaller.

    My guess is this is something related to Regulus and if I have to continue to live with it, I will. Just hoping somebody has a solution so that I can neaten up my sidebar. TIA

  2. You can check this html tags guide I use alot. It also shows the codes for text size. Scroll down till you see the < H6 > ones. I don't know if this can help though.

  3. regulus does not allow almost all fonts tags except the colour, which means you can't put it different size/type font tags because it will automatically strip them. apparently regular regulus users like it that way because it looks more uniformed.

    the best bet is to change theme - with some good selections available for customised header you should find one that has good font size or allows font tags.

  4. Without picking through the CSS for the theme, I do note that the text in your text widgets looks to be the same size as the text further down in your links and RSS feeds.

    My guess is that the theme designer pretty much designed it that way.

  5. I knew that regulus stripped the font size tags. drmike - look again. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the font in the Sideblog is smaller than the one in the About box.

    Oh well, just another thing that I'll have to live with in Regulus. I've looked at the other themes but none of them appeal to me.

  6. Yeah, I see that. That's because you're wrapping that text around and <br /> tags. Looking at your CSS file, when you use a p tag within the side bar, any text is defined to be 1.2em which would mean 20% larger than the other text.

    And anything wrapped within a h2 tag is 1.4em or 40% larger.

    Using those might work for you. :)

  7. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about :( I'd just like them to be all the same size. So - is there any way to get line separators without using the p tag? I don't know much about HTML and have been learning as I go.

  8. Vivian (remove the single ticks and) '<br>' will produce a line break like a carriage return will do. I'm wondering if this is what you're looking for?

  9. Ah ha! Yes!!!!! That was what I was looking for. I can now make my stuff line up the way I want it. Thanks TT. (I had been using p to start a new line.)

  10. Sheesh, I gave you good advice - what an upper. I wanted to dive in at the beginning and say '<br>' but thought NAH you can't be right tt she's looking for something else more sophisicated (lol).:D

  11. Follow your instincts - the worst that can happen is that you'll be wrong :)

  12. This is sort of similar to my question but I can't find the sidebar source code.
    At the top of my right sidebar at, I would like to have the heading 'Info-Sharing' as the font size it is, and the 'Feeds List' link at the (smaller) font size it is. What I want to do is to make the ' - shared bookmarks' link, which is a Text Widget, equal to the font size as 'Feeds List' (so that it also appears as a an item under the headline 'Info-Sharing'. But I can't figure out where or how to do this.

  13. Why not put the ' - shared bookmarks' link into the body of a text wigdet instead of a title of one?

  14. That didn't work unfortunately - the widget I think is programmed specifically to go get those links, so there isn't a body of the text widget. I still haven't figured out a solution to this.
    Is there somewhere I can get at the source code so I can change the font maybe?

  15. No I'm afraid you cannot "get at the source code". We are all on the same blogging platform at The wordpress multiuser platform is very different from the blogger platform and this is made clear in the FAQ blog and in the pink "sticky" at the head of the forum questions. You cannot alter your theme because if you could change a this or that to suit your situation then it would effect every other blog on the platform.
    drmike has given you the only alternative you can use. You must resign yourself to using the body part of the text widget.
    P.S. The only changing of fonts you can do is described in the FAQs.

  16. Unfortunately drmike's solution didn't work, for reasons I mention above (there is no text body option for the text widget. I'm still stuck on this. Anyone else have any suggestions for a way around this?
    I know someone changed this thread topic to 'resolved', but actually, it isn't.

  17. The person who originally started the thread has the capacity to mark the issue resolved. Vivian's issue was reolved hence she marked it so. As for the rest of your question I'm leaving that to drmike to answer.

  18. You can not edit the widgets as the code is shared among all of the users.

    You misunderstood my solution though. I didn't say use the widget. I suggested putting you link within a text widget sinc eit appears all you are doing is making a link instead of importing your list.

    The original question was answered so the topic got marked resolved. I actually should have moved your question into it's own thread as it is different from the original question.

  19. Sorry, my error re: my whinging about 'resolved'.

    Re: widget, OK I understand and I will try.

  20. Not a problem :)

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