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Another WP blog book deal

  1. Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the right forum to put this in. I wanted to let everyone know that I have a book deal that is the direct result of my blogging experience. And I didn't blog to become an author but that is what seems to be happening!

    I started a WP blog in November 2006 to stay in touch with my (motivational) seminar students. I expected a handful of visits each week. A few weeks after the blog was up, someone wrote me and said she was having a tough time with the upcoming holidays because she had recently ended a relationship.

    I wrote a post called "After the Breakup" (now called Getting Past Your Breakup) and the hits started coming from all over. I received a lot of email about it from non-students so I wrote More After the Breakup and then the blog took a decidedly "getting past your breakup" theme. I had not planned it but I let the blog go where the readers wanted it to go and now it is completely about moving on after a bad breakup.

    And now it's going to be turned into a book (with some non-blog material included). I just landed a book deal with Perseus/Da Capo. It was announced in Publisher's Marketplace last week. The book "Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Things That Ever Happened to You" will be published in spring 2007. The editor is a big fan of the blog. And while it's not LOLcats or SWPL, it's still nice to know that you don't have to reach that level of popularity to have a book deal.

    This was NOT my intention in starting the blog, but it's all very nice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a part of the WP family!

    Thanks everyone for being here. Keep on blogging!

  2. I meant spring 2009!!! Sorry!

  3. Congrats, susan! Wonder if you would advice me how to make a deal with Publisher, i mean how do i get to that deal. Thank you.


  4. mysterycreature1


    Now, off I go to write my blog about getting past breakups... :P (only joking hehe)

  5. Congratulations!!! :)

  6. woow muah muah lots of kisses and i hope money rain down on you.....i hope before we break up you don't burn my stuff ahahahhahha just joking i'm an angel ask god he knows....

  7. Congratulations. Now you need to write a book about getting a book deal from your blog!

  8. Thanks everyone! Raincoaster: I've thought about writing something up like that or teaching a class at the Learning Annex (here in NYC). I did a traditional book proposal but the blog was a huge part of it and the editor LOVES the blog. I feel like I've learned a lot about the blog to book process that involves both traditional and new channels to publishing.

  9. Or contact MediaBistro. I understand they pay pretty well.

  10. aaahhh GREAT idea. I've taken courses there and I know what I've paid! Thanks so much!

  11. whyisnotananswer


  12. Congratulations, Susan!

  13. How Woonderful, Susan! All the beast in your new venture!

  14. uh oh wonderful and best. No book deal in my future! :)

  15. Hey! Good news. Haven't read your blog yet (too newbie to reach each blog) but "Congrats". New endeavour, exciting project.

    Regards from Madagascar

  16. Thanks much everyone! It's a fun adventure! It's nice being part of the WP family. :)

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