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  1. Answer: It's pretty sweet. I'm diggin it.

    Question: Favorite actor/actress?

  2. phoenixtearsheal

    Answer - quite like those Meercats they're fun:)

    Question - favorite character from a tv advert?

  3. strawberryindigo

    A: The old spice guy.

    Q: Favorite tv, movie or real life alien?

  4. The Predator

    Q- Kitchen utensil, gadget you could not live without?

  5. Answer If kitchen utensils then I don't know anything about them. Even I can't name any utensil of kitchen :) . I don't think one can't live without a gadget. At least I can't die for a gadget.
    Question Favorite song of Britney Spears?

  6. phoenixtearsheal

    Answer - I like several of her songs, but the one which always comes to mind first, because of the excellent lyrics, is 'Piece Of Me'.

    Question - if you woke up one morning and saw that molehills had appeared in your lawn overnight, what would you do?

  7. A- Well, I wouldn't kill the moles. I'd leave them alone to enjoy their hills.

    Q- when was the last time you cried?

  8. idiotphotographer

    A: Yesterday, I don't cope well with my boss being angry at me for things outside of my control.

    Q: If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, or masseuse, which would you choose?

  9. strawberryindigo

    A: Since I am the cook around here I would have to say the cook.

    Q: What was your first memory?

  10. A: Running away from my mother in the community rink because I wanted to stay with my friend to watch the hockey game. Needless to say, a spanking followed that little incident.

    Q: What is your favourite memory?

  11. AnswerOnce I got 85% marks in Matriculation exams. I was much happy cause every single person I met was greeting me :) I love my childhood though. We cousins played together like little saplings in the garden. What a days those were.
    Question What'll be your reaction if a stranger say you 'I love you'?

  12. Answer: I'd suggest perhaps they visit a psychologist

    Question: Speaking of love, when was the last time you told your partner (or parent or sibling if you don't have a parter) that you loved them? Perhaps today would be a good day to do so!

  13. idiotphotographer

    A: a few months? I'm not sure, I have bonding issues lol

    Q: what was the best party you ever attended?

  14. A: My round purple potluck party: Purple attire and cylindrical food. Over 100 people showed up, I couldn't believe it.

    Q: What color would you throw your party in?

  15. A- Green, my favourite colour and the colour of renewal and nature.
    Q- Are you scared of thunderstorms or do you love them?

  16. A: it depends on how intense they are, but ive never liked them.
    Q: whats brightens your day?

  17. Answer: Love

    Question: Lion or Tiger?

  18. Answer: Lion
    Question: Perfect pizza toppings?

  19. Answer: proscuttio, slice onions, cut fennel bulb, light grating of cheese

    Question: Where did you spend your last memorable vacation?

  20. A- Camping on Dartmoor Devon

    Q- Do you read in the loo/bathroom?

  21. idiotphotographer

    A: no time to with cats around

    Q: steak or lobster?

  22. Answer Generally I don't like sea animals but I'll chose 'Lobster'.
    Question You're made king for only one order. What will be the order?

  23. idiotphotographer

    A: I'm a woman, so I'd be Queen. As for the "order" portion of question to quote O Brother Where Art Thou, "That don't make No sense!"

    Q: If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?

  24. strawberryindigo

    A: A fairy

    Q: Have you ever sleepwalked? and if so where did you go and what did you do?

  25. phoenixtearsheal

    Answer - no
    Question - how tall was the tallest flower you've ever seen?

  26. idiotphotographer

    A: the plant was about 11 feet tall, the flower itself only 1.5 feet. Go sunflowers.

    Q: What is your favorite beverage?

  27. A- cafè Latte
    Q- Smart hotel, B&B or Hostel?

  28. A: B & B. Simply because they seem a lot more welcoming to me and I hate making my own breakfast.

    Q: What's your favourite sport to play?

  29. phoenixtearsheal

    Answer - it could be leapfrog
    Question - what is the highest you have ever climbed?

  30. Answer: I have no idea. It's probably Dovedale, although there were some 'mountains' I climbed in the Lake District that might have been bigger.

    Question: Invent a colour.

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