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Answer a question, ask a question.

  1. A: A lighter shade of black.

    Q: Can a machine pick up the collective consciousness on this planet?

  2. A: No, I don't believe so.

    Q: What's a movie that you'd watch over and over endlessly – never growing tired of it?

  3. A- Signs
    Q- What is your earliest memory?

  4. Answer - If you mean from waking up each morning that would depend on the time : if pre-dawn then silent dark, and if dawn then birdsong :)

    Question - How do you feel about helping a stranger in the street?

  5. Answer I love to help a stranger.
    Question What the most precious thing you ever steal?

  6. idiotphotographer

    A: A good friend's trust

    Q: WHYYYYYYYYY??????

  7. Answer Because it's life.
    Question What the utmost wish of your's is not coming to true because of the shortage of money?

  8. Answer - plant more trees?
    Answer - if you woke up one morning and found there was 'no more cheese' in the world for ever and ever, what would you do?

  9. theinsanityaquarium

    Answer: Cry. Literally though.

    Question: Tell us about your best friend?

  10. Ooops! second one was Question

  11. Question: Tell us about your best friend?

    Answer: He's sitting about two feet away from me, cuddled up in the blanket I made him.

    Question: Would you shave your head for a year in exchange for a million dollars?

  12. Answer: Definitely

    Question: Who is offering the million dollars?

  13. Answer - the Monopoly board game

    - In front of the camera or behind the scenes?

  14. Answer: Behind the scenes.

    Question: White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

  15. A- all of em. :)
    Q - if you could go back to any century which one would it be and why?

  16. Answer: The late 19th century because I loved the "Little House" books

    Question: Describe your first crush

  17. Answer: it was my uncle; I was about 6.
    Question: what's your biggest regret?

  18. Answer - icecream I've not got any
    Question - icecream : with bits, or without bits?

  19. idiotphotographer

    Answer: without bits. And singular flavor, keep it simple.

    Question: While we're on the topic, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  20. theinsanityaquarium

    Answer: Vanilla. Or Creme Egg flavoured... although that's not really a flavour, more of a delicious mess!

    Question: Last fancy dress outfit?

  21. knee-length black skit with flowers, slingback shoes, white silk plunge chemise with ruffles and a sweater. :)

  22. last trashy song you played over and over to yourself ad nauseum:

  23. Answer - none

    - what's your best cure for hiccups?

  24. Answer I never had hiccups. What's this???
    Question You're on a drive in a heavy rain. You see three people standing on the stop. Your best friend, you're dream girl/boy whom you like the most and an injured dying of blood wastage. You can take only one person with you. Whom will you prefer?

  25. OH, that's easy. Dream boys ALLLLLLLLways just turn out to be jerks.

    But best friends are there to help you dance on their graves when they die in a most justifiable and painful way. No brainer!

    Ummm. ..what's your favorite vegetable to eat on pizza? :)

  26. The best answer to that question was, "I'll let my friend drive the car to pick the injured to hospital and let me enjoy a heavy rain with my dream girl". :)

  27. Answer - vegetable-shaped cheese soz it's best veg I know :D

    Question - Can you see any benefits to having a Grandfather clock rather than a conventional wall or mantle clock?

  28. None whatsoever. But they do look nice in the right setting. Not a tiny flat but a period house.

    Q- Would you rather record a special event with a cam corder or photographs?

  29. camcorder

    what's one thing you must accomplish before today ends?

  30. Review for an exam tomorrow...

    Do you need an inspiration to write?

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