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  1. Answer -Of couse, we need some solid before we write something to base it on that.
    Question- Do you think its a loser thing if you dont have any gf or bf in teenage?

  2. Answer: Only the biggest losers don't have a best gal as a teenager. Let's go to the soda shop and rip up Winston's X-Men comics.


    Question: Least favorite superhero that isn't Aquaman?

  3. phoenixtearsheal

    Answer - Batman

    Question - Would you look in the mirror and call up 'Bloody Mary' or 'Beetlejuice the required number of times?

  4. Bloody Mary as in Queen Mary Tudor? If so her, then I could tell her what an embittered old woman she was. Then quote Matthew 7 at her.

    Spray polish or solid wax polish. ( you can tell what I've just been doing lol)

  5. phoenixtearsheal

    @ jessie lol no it's just some fiction horror film character :)

    Spray, unless expensive furniture.

    Car, Jeep or motorbike?

  6. Is a Jeep not a form of car?


    Answer: Car, I want a Veyron damnit.

    Question: You've just been punched in the face, what do you do?

  7. Answer: Depends on what punched me (you do have a violent streak)

    Question: Coffee or tea?

  8. @ardpete, stop it. Me tea just went down my nose. Lol.

    So, tea then. ;)

    Lounge or sitting room? ( as in how do you refer to it)

  9. phoenixtearsheal

    @ pete - Car as in sports car vs jeep as in Land Rover :)


    Bubble and Squeak or Hash Browns?

  10. Hash Browns, please.

    Question: What is the 2nd language that you can speak and know some of it's cultural nuances?

  11. None I'm afraid. I'm a monoglot.

    Which famous person ( dead or alive) would you like to have a quiet dinner with and why?

  12. I would love to have a dinner with Ivan the Terrible because it would be interesting to meet such a crazy fella. He also had a lot of love and passion for his wife that died because he wanted revenge or so he thought on whoever might have posioned her.

    If you had to get a tattoo of something where would it be and what is it and why?

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    I wouldn't have one.

    Which Hobbit would you be : Merry or Pippin?

  14. Neither. As someone who just started reading The Lord of the Rings (starting with Two Towers), those two are just pillocks. I'll stick with Bilbo, thanks.

    Who is the biggest real-life badass you can name?

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