Answered comment – will the commentator be notified?

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    I couldn’t seem to find an answer to my question in the support section so I might as well try it here.

    I was just wondering if – when I write an answer to a comment submitted to my blog – the commentator will receive a notification of some kind that I answered his/her comment?

    Somehow it’s weird to think there isn’t a notification because you can set up all kinds of them on WordPress, but as I said: I was just wondering, ’cause I really want the commentator to read my answer. Otherwise I’d have to write an email or something.

    So…Anybody there to come to my rescue? =)


    The commenter will only receive notification if you have comments subscription turned on at settings > discussion (toward the bottom at “Subscribe To Comments”) AND if the commenter clicked the checkbox to confirm they wanted notification. They would actually get notification for all comments on that post, not just your reply.

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