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    In the Visual editor, the links button doesn’t work. In the text editor I put in the code (A href etc….) on Bacon in Small Bites. Neither way can I make this link appear on the page. I believe the code is correct, I didn’t see an error, but of course I am my own worst editor. I have closed browser and come back in. I am using Chrome.

    From Nona With Love
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    What exact link are you trying to put in? Not all links work here, for security reasons. I see you successfully put in the link to is there anything you’re doing different this time?

    Are you putting the link on a word? By that I mean, are you using anchor text like this to put the link on, or are you just putting it in by itself and connecting it with nothing in the post?


    since is couldn’t get the visual editor to work, here is the code I used in text editor.

    Go to

    I can’t see any problem with it, BUT it will not update and I have refreshed the browser after updating


    wow, the code disappeared in my reply to you, so now I am really confused. can’t up date link anywhere


    OK, I have figured out that neither the visual editor nor the text editor will put in a link. it is there when I return, but not showing on the page from the text editor.



    That’s because you didn’t type any clickable text. You should type “Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms” in the main edit box, highlight it, then click the Link tool and paste the URL. What you did was paste that text in the Title field instead; but the title of a link isn’t the visible, clickable text, it’s (optional) extra info that shows up when you hover over a link (so one can tell what the link is without having to click it).


    if you look, you will see a partial link of some kind that I just entered. I put this in the text editor via link button. it asked for url— which I copied and pasted and then for Title- which I gave. at least the text editor is posting it, but is is completely wrong. It looks like the code is wrong, but the text editor did not process correctly; This is what I got instead of the title with the url I want




    Well, links don’t start with f, for one thing.

    To post code here in the forum and have it display, you must put it between backticks, those little marks usually on the same key as the ~. Backtick, all the code, backtick. Then we can look at it.


    OK, I apologize. I reread your instructions and got it all done. I was missing a step by depending on the editor. Thanks ever so much for your help


    thank you both for your time and effort. Made me re-look at it and get it done. Appreciate the help



    You’re welcome, glad you got it working.

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