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Antenna theme: Title font different from Demo

  1. a) why isn't there a tag cloud or forum-specific search box for this forum so I can find the threads relating to my theme?

    b) why is the font on my header very, very different from the one on the theme demo and how do I change this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, maybe you should ask in the Premium Themes Support:

    You paid for the theme, then the author will have to help you.


  3. I thought I had, thanks.

    You'd think I know how forums work by now.

  4. You'd think I know how forums work by now.

    I know that. But in this section I think you're wasting time. :(
    I say this with all the respect and appreciation I have for you.

  5. Oh, I know. It's my mistake. Obviously I should have had more coffee.

  6. xD

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