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    Hello WordPress. I have started a free blog on your site as we are going on a four month holiday I wish to keep a blog (diary). I have been researching if I can turn my blog into a keepsake book when I return and found Anthologize. It says it is a WordPress Plug in. I am new to all this and I have two questions:
    1) Will Anthologize allow me to create a book from this blog? (if not can you recommend another?)
    2) How do I add Anthologize as a plug in so I can actually use it?
    thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t use plugins on this site. I recommend using as it works with your RSS feed.


    Hello Raincoaster… thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.
    I did come across Blurb first in my search to find a way to make a keepsake book from my blog. I emailed Blurb and asked them. They told me no I can used their site as it doesnt host blogs. So I went on looking again and found Anthologize. Do you know if Blurb can really be used – have you done it? I am thinking there has to be a way and others must have already done what I want to achieve.
    I have read posts about hosted various ways. I dont understand what people are talking about here. I guess this is the reason some people say you can use blurb/anthologise and others say you cant. I am confused!… plus still looking for a product that works.
    Wendy in Australia.



    A client of mine has used burlb.

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