Antil spam measure – a suggestion

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    I still read thru all my spam because for whatever reason, it seems that the first time a new person comments on my site, it gets grabbed as spam (not always, but a lot).



    @ Mark

    The weirdest thing I have seen? Door handle spam.
    “We have the best door handles”
    …. words failed me.

    Here’s one sulz got that’s even weirder … wire brush sex {{shudder}}

    I scan the pages of spam each day and don’t sweat the small stuff. Most is immediately identifiable as spam and I have yet to find a false positive in the Akismet spam bin. Akismet rocks.



    This makes the Akismet spam box a bit easier to go through quickly:

    Today I decided to perma-ban anything from .info or .biz because spam was getting through Akismet:

    What I’d like to see it a challenge/response system where:
    – the first time you leave a comment it sends an email to your email address to confirm that you’re you.
    – after that is accepted then your email address is allowed to post comments which will be still be scrutinized by akismet.

    No captcha crap. People will have to use valid email addresses. Eventually around 5% of spammers will build the email challenge/response into their spam bots, but because they have to use a real address it will make it even easier for Akismet to start identifying them.



    This Spam is weird, everytime I refresh my browser, there’s at least 10 new spams caught by Akismet, is that really normal?



    The spammers and their bots went absolutely nuts this weekend. If you take a look at the Akismet graph you can see this.

    @ engtech
    I agree with no captcha. I’m not sure about the challenge idea. When I get my new computer I will install the greasemonkey extension and use your auntie-spam script. Thanks for creating it. :)



    engtech —

    I installed your workaround and it works great! Outstanding! Thank you!



    Knoizki, yup. See that 7k number on my blog? That was from Dec 24th to whatever date I finally desided to switch to the must have an account to comment setting.



    I always check my spam, which I hate having to do, because there are several commenters from Europe whose comments ALWAYS end up in the spam filter, no matter what. I’m really sick of reading all that garbage. One thing that would help would be a page list at the bottom of each page of spam instead of having to scroll to the top to go to the next page. I tried telling Askimet to automatically delete spam that contained a long list of bad words but it didn’t work. As much as I dislike the captcha system, I’m beginning to think it’s better than having to screen all the nasty spam.



    You could just ignore it. They autodelete after 15 days IIRC.



    I have vision problems and Captcha is not my friend. It used to take me at least two or three tries to accomplish. I resorted to having other people type them for me which was not convenient as they weren’t usually available. Finally it became such a barrier to commenting that I no longer leave comments on blogs with Captcha.




    I came here looking for an answer to a specific spam-related question that seems relevant to this discussion, so I’ll raise it here. My apologies if people feel it’s off-topic. My main problem with spam is people targetting older posts. I see from the documentation that there are a couple of .php scripts that will either close down posts to comments after they’ve been up for a specified period (Auto Shuttoff Comments) or turn on comment moderation for older posts (Ozh’s Auto-moderate comments, though there are problems with that link at the moment).

    Is it possible, though, to implement such solutions in a blog?   If it is, how and where do I save the scripts?



    That’s one way I know it’s spam is if it’s old, like months to a year old. They also seem to go after just a couple of posts. Is there some sort of a portal in those certain posts? lol



    Best bet would be to submit a Feedback once it comes back up on Monday with this idea.

    Gotta admit that I’m leaning against it though, as least for my own setup. Most of my comments left are on older posts.

    Granted I do a fair amount of strange things with my blog though and my usage is different from other folks. :)



    Another issue with any form of Captura system if it’s picture based is with those folks who sit behind any sort of proxy or caching server. Since the name of the picture is hardcoded, they’re going to see the first picture or set of pictures over and over again, not the updated ones.

    edit: I just had an email about this from a user on Comcast with their broken proxy servers. That’s why I’m posting this.

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