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    I already wrote to WordPress a couple of years ago about antisemitic blogs that were promoted everyday on the main page of polish edition of wordpress and I was assured that this will never happen again… Now I just was opening a new blog and here I see the same promotion of the same hateful antisemitic blogger “Dziennik Gajowego Maruchy”. Last time I wrote to you (via email), I was upset with a promotion of his post called “Jews organized attack on Twin Towers in New York City”. In the response to my email the promotions stopped, but now I can see this was just to mislead me. Obviously promotion of hate and racism is the agenda for WordPress. Shame on you WordPress!
    I have a photo of this page, you can also open it and see the first row ad on the left:!/fresh/

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve tagged this for staff attention and hopefully someone will respond shortly.



    Be aware that all blogs are protected by the US first amendment.


    rain you are either a troll or joking


    She is not a troll, and she is not joking. All blogs are protected by the US first amendment and wordpress supports free speech passionately. That said, if they look at the site you reference and feel it is outside the TOS or US law, then they will take it down.


    somehow I don’t see the NAZI blogs on wordpress, and don’t tell me that’s because you don’t have nazis in the US, and I don’t see any blogs of WHITE SUPREMACISTS… don’t make fun of yourselves guys!


    Not. Just sayin’ staff will make the determination based on the TOS and US Law. We’ve seen a number of pretty offensive sites here that did not go over the line and are still here.


    Oh and there are some white supremacist sites here, but again, they have not gone over that line.


    You might read through the this entry on “abuse.”!/fresh/



    If you don’t think NAZIs have blogs on you haven’t been around long.


    I don’t think that you understood what I was trying to say. I don’t care about this type of blogs.
    Of course everyone has a right to their opinion.

    I have a problem with WordPress promoting those blogs on the main page, in the first line, everyday…



    Also, tsp, if you want an interesting experiment, refer to me in masculine terms. See the different responses. I GUARANTEE things will be eye-opening.


    @raincoaster, I’ve seen the aftermath.


    @plainandvegan, just keep an eye on this thread and wait till staff comes by, or if you wish, use the contact form on the abuse page that I referenced above. Either way will work. Staff might suggest you contact them via the abuse page anyway so they have a record of it in their system.


    You mention it being promoted on the main page. I’m not seeing it in freshly pressed, nor am I seeing it on “top posts” in my dashboard. Where are you seeing it?


    Ok, just followed your link, but cannot read the language.



    If the blog is promoting violence, it definitely has to go, otherwise I’d say it’s covered under freedom of speech as mentioned above. I don’t personally agree with anything antisemitic, but once you start revoking freedom of speech in response your own wants and desires, there’s no turning back and no telling who’s next.

    However, I don’t make such decisions here, so please report the blog via


    yes, it’s still promoted on the main page… I am not against the freedom of speech, I am against WordPress promoting hate blogs.


    I can’t report it as abuse, this is plainly a policy of WordPress to promote violence and racism. I am not even jewish and it really annoys me as a person so I can’t even imagine how a Polish Jew must feel to see this kind of propaganda. This is obviously not my fight and wordpress is not responding neither here or on facebook. I am going to send this to some Jewish organizations and also maybe to the press.



    We never promote violence or hate, so I’m not sure where you get that from. If the blog is promoting violence, it’s a blatant terms of service violation and needs to be reported.

    As for us promoting something, where do you see that at? Can you provide us with screenshots?

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