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Antispyware 2008 in my index page!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi all, I got some mistakes in these two day about my blog, the first page just show the pictures about "antispyware 2008 services centre" and say that some trojan fount at my computer but I'm use MAC OX. When I click that picture, it will download a program, I can't see any posts.
    What happen??? Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!!!!!

  2. your page is forwarding to another address..
    Can you access with direct link to one of your posts?

  3. Hi boblets, thanks for your reply. I can't access with direct link to any of my posts!!! :( For example, I used igoogle to read the RSS of my blog and also forwarding to antispyware2008 page......

  4. Can you log in to your dashboard?
    Contact staff asap.

  5. ..And if you cannot log in and contact staff from your dashboard, we'll give you a hand.

  6. I already contact staff asap. Thanks boblets :)

  7. Good! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Let us know how it turns out here. Be useful for later.


    !!!!Its a redirect to a force download.!!!

    I've tag this for the moderators so they can hopefully break the link.

    goodluck fanghi, they will get it fixed.

  9. (..hehe. Sorry for not posting a big warning. I have a mac too...)

  10. ***Warning*** "Do Not Click link from OP"
    You will end up getting a force download
    that could damage your computer...

  11. I hope this don't effect other blogs with the same theme...

  12. I contacted support about it, but it's a bad time of day/week to do it. We'll see how quickly they can get that link down.

  13. The offending link was in a text widget and has been removed.

  14. THANKS!

  15. That's repair!!!! So quick! Thanks ALL!!!! :)

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