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AntiWorldNews - RSS feed is not working

  1. Hello,

    The RSS feed for does not work.
    It does not show posts.
    There is an error message ("...the feed is not operational...")

    Please correct it.

    Best Regards
    Blog url:

  2. It looks like you have an invalid character in the first paragraph of your "Men and women differ in how they categorize the world" post (the second "error" is inconsequential and quite normal these days):

  3. Thanks for replying.

    This is the first paragraph :
    "New research suggests gender plays a role because men tend to organize the world into distinct categories whereas women see things as more conditional and in shades of gray."

    Which is the invalid character ?

    Best regards

  4. Sorry, it was the second paragraph. I cleared it up, but you may need to publish a new post before the feed can reset itself.

  5. I have just published a new article.

    However nothing changed, the problem remains.

    Best Regards

  6. I've just changed one more item in the same post, "Men and women differ in how they categorize the world." Can you try creating a new post once more and letting us know if it resolves the problem?

    If it helps, when I try to subscribe to your RSS feed in a reader, everything is functioning correctly for me.

  7. I have just published a new article.

    The same problem ...

    Best Regards

  8. I use this RSS feed, in the blog

    It is on the right side/column of the blog (under the image with the word "fimotro" inside, and above the RSS feed titled "NEWSROOM").

    As you can see the RSS feed displays an error message.

    The URL that I use (in the widget) for the feed is :

    Best Regards

  9. Can you please translate that error for me?

  10. "There is an error.
    The channel may be is not operational.
    Try again later"

  11. Hm, it looks like that same invalid character is there:

    Have you published a new post since you fixed it? Sometimes the feed doesn't update until a new post is made.

  12. Yes, I have published new posts.
    The problem remains.
    Could you please correct it ?

    I have erased the word 'suspects' from the post.

    This is the html code of the post that you told me to correct "

    "<p style="text-align: justify;">Many situations require us to make categorical decisions. Jurors look at testimony and judge whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty. Police officers take aim at suspects and have to determine whether they see a gun in the hand, or something that just resembles a gun. A man in his 40s begins to sweat and experience mild pain in his arms, and needs to decide whether its serious or not.</p>"

    Is there any other problem with this paragraph ?

  13. I really don't see any other problem there. The next thing that I would do is re-type the whole paragraph.

    Have you tried that?

  14. I have just deleted the whole paragraph !

    The same problem ...

  15. Actually, it looks like the theme is finally valid now:

    This should work, but you'll need to wait for the widget to request the feed again, which can take up to six hours.

  16. It is ok !

    thanks !

  17. You're welcome!

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