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Any 40+ bloggers out there?

  1. Maidiebike, I first went online way back in 1981 using an Apple II and an acoustic coupler to access various BBSes and ACSnet. (How many people on here understood what I just wrote?) As I moved around and the internet developed I kept apace with developments.

    In October 1993 I started an web-based diary/journal called the Bowerbird Cafe, focusing on food, poetry, writing and stray thoughts. Readers contributed their responses via email, which I then added to the journal. A year or so later the concept of weblogs appeared, along with blogrolls that were collections of links to weblogs. Both were essentially what I'd been doing since 1993. I'm still in touch with a couple of people who've read my blog since those very early days.

    As semi-automate and automated tools and platforms came along, I adopted them where they fitted my way of blogging. I moved back and forth between hosted and self-hosted blogs, trying Open Diary, LiveJournal and blogger along the way. Eventually, I settled on WordPress and began migrating my archive material while adding new material.

    I still haven't finished moving the archive, but I'll get there one day. It's quite peculiar to consider I've been blogging for almost 19 years and online for 31 years. And there are people who've been online for even longer than that. It often comes as a surprise to some younger people who think the web and the internet were invented "yesterday".

    Still, it means I can now say "Eh, I remember when…" :D

  2. So you're still moving your archive into Must be alot of content/complex content. I can't imagine.

    Well I'm a 53+ baby blogger since I started in late 2009. (Remember I'm the kid on bike which I'm sure you are on bike too.)

    But I've been online since 2007. I remember the days of thermal paper to print on database search results..without any screen. This is for my job. Then movin' up next year, I got the organization's 2nd computer (out of 250 employees) to do online database research (these same databases still cost money today, except now...$300.00 / hr. for online research time). No Windows, but at DOS level, memorizing and keying in search command string statements.

    LOL, around that time, the organization got its first few fax machines. I was working for a provincial govn't agency.

  3. Oops I meant I've been online since 1987. (Not 2007. Big error.)

  4. Stonehead has a way of inspiring people to mix their metaphors etc.

    I have been online long enough that the 1984 commercial was like, "oh that looks awesome but there's no way the internet will ever unify enough to allow people to communicate in realtime, what EVER!"

  5. What Raincoaster really means is that I'm the baked beans of the internet. Too much of me and you'll be blowing hot air until the cows comes home.

    (Mixed enough?)

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