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Any Add-On To Turn Blog Posts Into Images?

  1. Is there any tool or Add-on for WordPress that would allow me to turn a new blog post into a set of images, and then upload those to other sites like Tumblr? The point is I don't want to copy the text of my blog post to Tumblr. Then it gets reblogged and it looks to search engines like my content is syndicated to many different users. If they are all copying images with pointers back to my text on my unique URL, then the search engines see a much more desirable profile of many users linking back to a single master location, with no text duplicated across the web. I'm trying to implement this idea in the most automated way possible.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could upload only PNG files with your text in them to create your blog posts. You'd have to create them offline.

  3. Your blog is private. Search engines are not indexing it.

  4. Ah, good catch! Private blogs cannot be reblogged at all.

  5. Rain:

    I'm trying to implement this idea in the most automated way possible.

    The OP is only 3 hours old.

  6. My blog is private because it has no content and I just created the account. I have no idea how to use, and the blog is locked down until I learn enough to be dangerous. :)

    I do understand that I can make my own manual images from text portion of each blog post on, then upload those images (after careful border editing) to other places like Tumblr. How time consuming would that be? Clearly that's a major hassle. I was just hoping someone might have an automation tool to help with this. It was a long-shot.

  7. 1tess, I see you run a cooking blog. I'm thinking of starting a low-carb cooking blog, and recently I ran across great Paleo-safe recipes for bread. If that is kind of thing you are into check out Elana's Pantry web site. She has great recipes that are based on blanched almond flour, no wheat, and I can testify they make very good bread.

  8. Yes, that would be VERY time-consuming. Instead of prevention, I suggest wreaking vengence, thusly:

  9. Some programs like Open Office Draw will export text as an image - I am sure that many other programs will do the same

    However - I have seen one blog that came through the help forum that had done that - big text, not all the easy to read and such - and if the browser window was not wide enough the scroll back and forth was a killer - also they had blown through their 3 GB storage space - had many many posts on the front page so their internet connection was reset at times and their blog would not load - their rants in the forum were disjointed at best

    Not something I would recommend. Also if you use smaller images than the blog I referenced above, you will possibly need to sharpen the text or other processing to make it easy to read.

  10. auxclass, when I enable Tumblr posts from WordPress, is that feature actually recreating the entire content on Tumblr, including inserting all of the text? The problem is the way Tumblr is doing reblogging confuses search engines. It makes it look like your original content is simply resyndicated content that many people have and use. What I want is a way to turn the reblogs on Tumblr into pointers to my original content.

    In theory, if I posted an image of the text, and the link behind that image points to my WordPress blog, then people on Tumblr could reblog all day long, and all they are doing is passing around images that the search engines won't see as text. My blog text becomes authoritative.

    I suppose on Tumblr I could insert teaser text instead of text of an image. The teaser would then include a link back to the original blog post. But many people would find that to be spammy advertising for the blog. It's not an easy situation to work around.

  11. We can't help you with Tumblr.

  12. raincoaster, there is a feature on WordPress to export your content automatically to Tumblr. To the extent that it is a WordPress feature, it seems like fair game to ask about that.

    The rest of that last post was just to help auxclass understand the dilemma of putting actual content on Tumblr.

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