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Any advice for domain Spamming victims?

  1. Some cynical domain spammer has noted the name of our humble wordpress blog - - and set up no content, just a load of advertising on it.

    Any suggestions as to what we might be able to do to challenge this? Do we have a leg to stand on? We haven't trademarked "west end whingers" but then again, it's hardly likely to have been a coincidence?

  2. and contact an attorney.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks for the link, drmike.

    Yes, I had found that on icann but it specifically says "company's name" which isn't the case. Oh well, I guess I'd better put it down to experience. Sob.

  4. A few times, I've ended up at bloggername. blog... to find that it actually exists, and is full of ads. Things like this are a fact of Life 2.0...

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