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Any artists out there?!

  1. Most forums are about trying to seek help, and im looking for some artists out there.
    Our blog MysteryArt is fresh and pressed, and our mission is simple, exposure.
    Our mission is simply to find that creative talent, and literally anything goes.
    You like to make something out of nothing, and feel like you deserve to be recognized for it?
    Well thats what we do, we post your work, open it for critiques, opinions, help, anything you need.
    Well first thing is first, and were looking for some artists and people who can spread the word.
    We need to get the right exposure to work at top level.

    One step at a time, we will unite and demand notice.
    Keep up the work

    For our fresh new youtube page, check out:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's probably not going to be effective, publicizing your Youtube account in a forum.

  3. Moved to off topic forum.

  4. creativebalorina

    I am :D

  5. I think we're all artists in some way:)
    Life without art is hell. Someone could be an artist of thgouht or a music artist or someone with the awesome ability to put their artistic thoughts on paper

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