Any chance of adding images to non-Flickr RSS feeds?

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    Some RSS feeds have text only, while others also contain an image for the item.

    Here at we have a Flickr widget and an RSS widget. The Flickr widget displays images, but only from a Flickr feed. The RSS widget displays any RSS feed, but only the text.

    There’s already a list of choices for what to display out of the feed, when you add the RSS widget. Any chance of adding “image” as one of the choices?

    (I already have a feed with images. It doesn’t come from Flickr.)

    Any suggestions for a workaround other than adding the images to Flickr?


    The blog I need help with is


    Flickr feeds are ordinary RSS feeds with the standard image element. Try putting the non-flickr feed into the flickr widget and see if it works.



    @vaguereference Hey, thanks! I didn’t think of that. It works (sort of). It displays only the image, no text. I’d still like to see the RSS widget modified. But this will work for now; much better than text only.

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