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Any chance of adding post formats to Koi?

  1. I really love Koi. Kudos. However it would be even more wonderful if Koi supported post formats. Is there any chance of this happening in the future or should I:

    a) learn to to live without post formats; or

    b) change to a more flexible theme *sobs*.

    Thanks, love your work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you seen this announcement and tried this new feature?
    Copy A Post. You can now reuse the hard work of previous posts as the basis for the next one. Copy A Post lets you duplicate a post, including the title, contents, tags and categories, so you can start a new post without having to re-enter tags, categories and formatting.

  3. @kellieb
    Also note that you did not post the URL for the blog in question. We need it to confirm that you are actually referring to a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM. What I posted above applies only to those who have free blogs from and being free hosted by and who are using the version of the theme coded to run on wordpress.COM software.

    Please consider linking your username to your blog. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

    Now every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.

  4. Big apologies Timethief. When I posted my question above my blog address came up in the relevant field so I assumed it was posting it. I had previously browsed the forum and knew you needed to know my blog address so I made sure to check. So it's weird that it didn't show up with my post. Here it is:

    I will check out the links you've suggested but I don't think that they will address my issue. What I'm looking for is alternative post formats such as gallery, image, aside, sticky etc. Mainly gallery. But thanks for the suggestion and I will check out your suggestions in detail.

    Cheers! TM.

  5. The Themes Staff do respond to these threads so I'm sure they will take note of your request and reply. FWIW we Volunteers cannot see the URLs people put into the form. That's why we ask for them & suggest linking your blog to your username.

  6. Thanks again Timethief, I'll look forward to hearing from the themes staff. And thanks for explaining why my URL didn't come up.

    Perhaps you could answer another question for me? How come my real username comes up here rather than the name that I have nominated to come up as my display name? It's a bit confusing for a newbie like me. Cheers!

  7. Nicknames do not display on the forums. The original usernames are displayed on the forums.

  8. In some cases it may be possible to use the new post copying feature as a workaround (for example, making a 'gallery' post where your images are in a table, and then just swapping the images around for another post.)

    Another workaround to get post format functionality on themes which don't have it is to buy the CSS upgrade and style your posts differently according to tag or category, but this isn't free and does require some basic coding skills.

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