any changes on linking myspace blogs with wordpress?

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    I have an older blog at myspace and I would like to:
    a. transfer the blog posts from myspace to my wordpress blog (which I can copy paste if I must, but I’d rather not)
    b. somehow link my wordpress blog to auto-update my myspace blog so my wordpress posts show up in my myspace blog.

    If anyone knows how to do this OR if anyone has a better idea to accomplish the same goals, I’m all ears.




    a. if you can download an xml file of your myspace posts then it should be possible to upload them to your blog.

    b. i don’t think that is possible.




    Not possibly with XML file.

    You’ll need to manually copy & paste the articles into your blog

    Also it’s not possibly to update your myspace blog
    automatically with your latest wordpress blog articles
    unless theirs a “myspace plugin” designed to do such a task.

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