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Any Chinese WordPress-ers?

  1. walkingbetween

    Being one myself I noticed that there are not many Chinese bloggers on WP. Almost all my Chinese friends blog at MSN Live Spaces, which is about the #1 blogging site in China (and growing fast). That's probably why it made Live Spaces the largest blogging service. Of course, they all blog in Chinese.

    Last week a friend of mine in Beijing just told me that she couldn't get to my blog at WP no matter how she tried. My guess is domain is being blocked by the Great firewall of China. Perhaps that explains why so few Chinese bloggers are on here.

    I blog in English but am curious to find out about the Chinese bloggers here, whether you do it in Chinese or English.

    my blog

  2. you may want to plug your blog here:

    well, i'm malaysian chinese if that counts. =)

  3. walkingbetween

    thanks sulz... of course that counts... you have a lovely blog

  4. The Great Firewall of China makes most WordPress blogs inaccessible in that country, which is why penetration is so low. I wonder if Microsoft made a cash-based "No banning" deal?

  5. walkingbetween: thank you, i think so too sometimes! =P i saw your post about sytycd, reminded me of how crazy i was of ryan conferido from the first season! (malaysian tv has yet to show the second season onwards!)

  6. i'm malaysian chinese

    Me too! :D

    我也是! :D

    Saya juga! :D

  7. cronies: saya tahu. saya nampak profil kamu dan kamu dari kuching kan?

  8. Yeah.

  9. cronies: saya tahu. saya nampak profil kamu dan kamu dari kuching kan?

    Oi! None of that foreen stuff on this American forum please!!!!


    Yes, I'm kidding - just before I get flamed for being racist or something equally as bloody stupid!

  10. You're not even 'merican, so shut up! :P

  11. I want to learn a foreign language.. I'm so educationally deprived.. *sniffle*

  12. Me too ... :(

  13. haha, you guys crack me up! =) nice way to wake up on friday morning.

  14. walkingbetween

    soooo, which of you is Chinese? ;-)))

    btw I noticed that you can actually just type in Chinese characters into url, like中文, it pulls out the posts tagged with the chinese characters... kinda neat...

  15. I can't type in 中文.

  16. walkingbetween: cronies & i are malaysian chinese.

  17. would someone who's like 25% Chinese count?

  18. I live in Chinatown...does that count?

  19. I want to learn a foreign language.. I'm so educationally deprived.. *sniffle*

    I can speak four languages:



  20. LOL, rain!

    Nice twist, cornell. I can speak...

    American Casual/Slang
    American Proper
    American Ebonics
    American Redneck
    Semi-English, mostly Cockney (blame Britcoms)
    Toss in the super-easy Pig Latin for the hell of it.

    BUT.. I can also talk to computers in at least 10 different languages. :-P LOL

    I'd really like to learn Japanese and Spanish.

    I was acing Spanish in high school, but only took one year of it. They were booked up in subsequent years. Now it's been over 10 years, and I forgot all of it. I could really use the ability to speak it fluently right about now. We have a very large Hispanic population around here.

  21. walkingbetween

    sulz, i know...

    raincoaster, i live in America. If you're Chinese, i'm American.

    devblog, if you blog in chinese 25% of time... ...

    btw, yesterday i thought of a possible way to get around the great firewall, by using feedburner, since the feed URL would then be i gotta get someone test this out... if it works i'll post in this thread

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