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Any content that isn't allowed?

  1. I want to start writing a blog but first I need to know if there was any content that isn't allowed at all. Leaning towards the x-rated side.... Does anybody know? I've been looking around for an answer on this site but haven't found anything yet.

  2. Please see the Terms of Service here;

    This will explain to you what is and is not allowed on your blog.

  3. thank you... I'm not sure if what I'd be writing about would necessarily be viewed as 'pornographic' but it might be...

  4. Perv.

  5. No, not a perv. It'd be creative writing. You might like it.

  6. @johariz
    Pornography isn't mature, pornography is against the terms of service:
    Mature means not suitable for general audiences.
    See a detailed staff reply here:

  7. I only like the visual kind unfortunately, I'm sure 50 Shades of Grey fans will like it though :P

  8. thank you timethief. That clears up a lot and seems like I may be able to write here, as long as I mark my blog as mature. Thanks again.

  9. thistimethisspace

    This is me posting under my other username. You're welcome.

  10. @ard. 50 Shades of Grey is VASTLY over rated and quite boring so I am told. Not my cup of tea though as it's M/F.

  11. Too right it's overrated, poorly written from what I gather as well. I don't actually know anyone who likes it but they all keep rabbiting on about it.

  12. A friend of mine who's a sex blogger (THE sex blogger, in fact) made a list on Amazon of the books you should read instead of the 50 shades:

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