Any danger in changing “Blog pages show at most” number?

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    When I started blogging I thought that 20 blogs per page would be “handy”. I have written 60 blogs each month and readers have problems when searching for a specific post over multiple pages within a given month. Is there any risk that things could go bad (posts destroyed etc) if I now raise the “Blog pages show at most” number from 20 to 60? Should I do anything else in preparation for this? – I think that I could do it but I need reassurance.

    The blog I need help with is



    No, there’s no risk of losing anything.

    The worst that could happen is that if you set it too high you’ll annoy some people because your front page takes a long time to load.



    Thanks a million. It is good to feel safe.


    Gymbrat–where did you see the option to limit the number of blog posts displayed. I want to edit this.


    The option to change how many blog posts display per page is on the Settings > Reading page. Look for the option that says, “Blog pages show at most.”

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