Any domain mappers using gmail?

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    I recently mapped my existing domain to wordpress but have not been able to configure my gmail to work. I’ve tried the “mapping an existing domain” articles and followed all instructions, but no luck. I’ve set this in my custom DNS field:
    TXT v=spf1 ~all

    but that doesn’t do the trick. I’ve tried Google Apps, but no luck. I’ve written many, many times to Support, but have only heard back a few times. (My previous issues were answered quickly and correctly, but this time not so much.)

    I’ve been without email for almost a week and the only thing that’s keeping my frustration in check is the slow realization that the business I’ve lost by being disconnected has already happened and there’s nothing to do to get it back.

    If anyone has any advice, insights, or ideas that aren’t in the forums, please let me know. I’m dying inside. I’m disappointed in the lack of responses by Support and am trying to politely seek guidance from the community at large. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. My DNS records are almost identical to yours, but my TXT record is:
    TXT v=spf1 ~all



    yes, i use gmail.. :)


    I may try that one then. Does it work well? Did you map a domain over to WordPress?

    Did you also map a domain over to WordPress? If so, did you have to play with the DNS records?

    Thanks for your answers! It seems like (according to a few people much more expert than I am) that my email is getting to WordPress but WP is not able to connect it to gmail.



    @knowmorerobertmac: Yes it works well, but the data was entered about 8 months ago. And yes, it’s a domain mapped at


    Do your MX records look like mine above (except for the TXT difference)?

    I think the issue may be something else, but I’ll try to eliminate this one first. Thanks for your help.



    That’s what I said, yes. Identical to yours except for TXT.


    Problem solved, or, more accurately, avoided.

    I gave up on finding a solution and simply re-registered my email with That gave me access to my email, which I was then able to forward to gmail and use as previously. It doesn’t solve the problem–and I’m missing a week of emails–but it won’t happen any more. Such a royal pain!

    It’s not 100% yet–I still can’t access my account directly online (it shoots me over to my site instead of my mail account), but that’s a relative non-issue at this point.

    Still no help from WordPress Support (3 and a half days of no responses), but the nightmare is over. Thanks to everyone for trying to help.



    I’m having a similar problem. I set up my domain here at WP and then an email at Gmail. But when i try and copy the DNS over it says that its not the right format. I’m using the “Other” option in the DNS drop down menu as wordpress suggests. No matter how many times I copy it over WordPress insists I’m doing it wrong.

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