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Any geeks here? I need help with Taboo and a bookmarklet!!!

  1. My Taboo is missing. And also my Clipmarks. If you are a geek, chances are you already know that these are Firefox extensions. My other extensions are there, but not these two. I love my Taboo. I can forget about Clipmarks, but not Taboo. And oh! My Fireshot is also kind of missing. I mean I have it in my right-click menu, but not on my toolbar. I even reinstalled Taboo. My Add-ons folder says it is neither disabled nor uninstalled. How do I get them back? Or rather, how do I access them again?

    Also, I need help formulating a bookmarklet. If you succeed, I will link to you in my blog post!

    I need a bookmarklet that will automatically change the parameters in CAPITAL LETTERS, relating to a relevant blog post, when the bookmarklet is clicked while on that post.

    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance. :D

  2. the hyperlink is not supposed to be there! :(
    Let me try it again,

  3. were they buttons that are now missing?
    reason I ask is because you can right click
    on tools and goto Customize and you
    might find the buttons there

    option 2 uninstall and re download the
    Firefox add ons (extensions)

    what is Taboo,?

  4. never mind I found out what Taboo, is... :)

  5. When I want to customize, I see the buttons. But they don't show up in the toolbar.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled long ago. No go! :(

  6. am i not supposed to see a little pop-up triangle on the the top right-hand side of my browser? which helps me access my "invisible" bookmarklets? that little thing is gone. how can i bring it back?

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