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Any good alternatives to Coraline?

  1. Clearly, some people who loved Cutline are not crazy about Coraline. Does anyone have any suggestions for themes that are similar to Cutline that we might look at as an alternative?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And while we are at it:

    [a] why don't they just redesign Coraline to make it look more professional? The new theme's design is really very poor, but it would not take all that much to make it more like Cutline.

    [b] Which hosted provider DOES offer Cutline? I'll switch this morning if I can find a good one.

  3. I don't know about Cutline, but here is a link to the designer's site:

  4. He has no email, unfortunately. No way to contact him. Shame, because I'd like to ask him where I *can* get hosting with his theme.

    Anyone, any ideas?

  5. Click on the link he has for Cutline.

  6. Cutline was sold many years ago to Chris doesn't maintain it anymore. :)

  7. Darn. So it's not part of the self-hosted wordpress anymore either?

  8. No I believe you can still use it on wp.ORG.
    Current link:

  9. Oh, that's their forum.

  10. Well I am looking: if I can move the blog today, to something that has Cutline as an option (or self host with Cutline), then I will do it.

  11. You'll need to find a host, download software, download the cutline theme (it appears to have been updated since the version here, so make sure you check out what it looks like), install all the software, export blog, import blog. Catch breath!

    Good luck!

  12. I am working on it now. I did not want to be a MySQL database admin but I fear I have no choice... it's not debatable. No way will I use that awful Coraline!

  13. Back to my original question: Are there any themes on that are similar to Cutline, but NOT Coraline?

  14. You might want to try Vigilance. You can use the search utility and Feature Filters in your Dashboard > Appearance > Browse Themes > Feature Filters to locate themes of interest to you. (A-Z, Popular, Features)

    Each theme has a thumbshot and a features summary description. You can browse and when you find one of interest you can click “Preview”. When you are ready to make your selection you can click “Activate”.

  15. THANKS, timethief!

  16. You're welcome. :)

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