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Any gray-haired bloggers out there?

  1. Come and check out my new blog... not just a personal blog but one about accepting that going gray is a fact of life and, actually, it can be quite sexy!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    Emmylou Harris certainly made it look sexy. I liked mine too while it was up top, but the hair followed its own notion of gravity and migrated to beard level.

  3. I like your blog. Your greying references are perfect. I decided a few months ago to go the chemical-free route myself and I have quite a few years on you. But the choice was the right one and no one should accept the propaganda that we must stay young by changing our appearance. We stay young by keeping an open mind.

  4. plasticdaffodils

    I found a few gray hairs the other month, but I dyed them. Does that count?

  5. I started going gray at 16 - and am completely "Platinum" now. Will check out your blog.

  6. That's like two of my aunts. Their hair was beautiful. I, however, am more salt and pepper like my mother. Some people have all the luck.

  7. thesilverchick

    Ooh I was so surprised to actually get some comments! Thanks guys!
    I'm very envious of you, k8edid... I'd love to be totally platinum. I bet it looks absolutely stunning!
    Invisiblemikey... you crack me up!
    egerardis... I agree, some people do have all the luck lol. So how is your hair looking these days, since you gave up the chemicals (!)?
    Thanks for your kind comments about my blog.
    : )

  8. My "color" line of demarcation is down to about my ears now. It's not too obvious because the color is so faded it all just looks like shades of blonde and hair grows at different rates depending on its location on your head, I think it looks pretty cool. It's almost what people pay real money for at the salon requiring many hours and layers of aluminum foil.

  9. thesilverchick

    Oh how lucky are you!! edgeradis! I have a feeling mine won't be like that at all. The women on the GGLG website call it a Skunk Line... I reckon I'm gonna have one!!

  10. Stacy London makes the "skunk line" HOT!

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