Any ideas, Dr Mike?

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    Do you have any idea why the titles of pictures are not showing up in Chaotic? Here’s the link to the post that carries the Natalie Dee picture.
    This is what it says in the editor:
    <img src=”″ alt=”” />

    But the title doesn’t appear when you put the mouse over the picture. Any way to fix that? I’ve added a link under the picture after you gave your advice. Thanks.



    The alt appears for me using IE 6.0.2900. What browser are you using?

    ‘alt’ and ‘title’ are two seperate things. I know one works for some browsers while the other one shows up for others. Isn’t it Firefox that uses ‘title’ while IE uses ‘alt’? One goes into the image tag while the other goes into the link tag.

    edit: Here‘s the thread on teh subject that I was thinking of.

    aside: Did anyone notice that this theme puts a meta tag description into the HTML? Please take a look. I know that this has come up from time to time.

    Hope this helps,



    I’ve switched to Firefox. I was using IE. So I’ll take a look at the thread. Thanks a lot. You’re always a big help. (No really)



    Not a problem. :)

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