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    In blogger, we were requred to keep a back up of templates . Are we supposed to take any kind of backup in wordpress. This will seem a little silly but since I am new, I hope you won’t mind and back up is not something one can be careless about.


    You are not required to do anything here. Seriously. You do what you want. It’s a good idea to back up your posts, and right now the only way to do so is to save your posts as text files on your computer’s hard drive. But it’s completely up to you. No one is forcing you to do anything.



    You mean just the original text written in Ms-word as a doc file will do as a back up. That’s all there is to it? Just confirming.


    Wel, I wouldn’t save it into an MS product. Go grab one of the vanilla notepad replacements out there instead. That way if you have to replace from your backed-up text you won’t have a total mess when you try to do so….



    You’re supposed to keep a backup of your Blogger template so you don’t lose any customisations you made to it. You can’t customise templates so that’s a complete non-issue. Keeping text files of your posts as suggested is a good idea whatever system you’re using.



    The templates are actually shared on the servers. We all used the same ones which is one of the reasons why we’re limited on our customizations of our blogs. Backups are done on a regular basis so there’s nothing to worry about.

    Unless of course Matt decides to sell off the backups to engage in his BBQ habits. :)




    Thanks Victorican, wank and drmike.

    Victorican, I don’t know anything about Vanilla replacement notepad. I would appreciate if you give me the exact link. Thanks.



    WHAAAAAT ?? We’re suppose to save our posts? How do we do that? But didn’t WordPress say if we were struck by a catastrofic (sp) event and lost everything, that every blog on WordPress would be back up in just days because it’s all backed up?


    Nosysnoop: Calm down. We’re not supposed to save your posts. will backup everything. However, if you do not trust the backup, then you can back up your posts in any way necessary. No one is forcing you to back up anything.


    hirenshah: vanilla is simply my way of saying “generic” – sorry….

    Try notepad2 from – lovely little editor.



    Thank you, talkingbase and victorican. I presume that if I type in this vanilla notepad, woudd it also solve the problems of formatting that I have mentioned in the post “Editing hassles”. Just confirming.


    Good bet that it would, yes, hirenshah. Many times that sort of stuff is “leftovers” from composing/editing in a MS product….

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