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Any news on a new video widget? Lockerz?

  1. I noticed that the last remnants of the vodpod/Lockerz widget has disappeared. Any news or updates on if a new widget will replace it?

    It really tied the room together.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, we don't really have a replacement yet, but we have completely removed the widget since it has been broken on the Vodpod end since June 7th.

  3. Thanks! Do you think a replacement is just a matter of time? It was a great widget.

  4. I'm not really sure, we'll need to find a service that matched Vodpod and is willing to work with us first.

  5. THIS SUCKS! half my posts have vodpod entries, I had the widget, my blog is disgraced and I had to present it for a job interview, NICE. RATS!!!!

    So it;s gone??

    I'm trying to replace some of the slideshows and videos on the top pages manually. the you tube is working but the picasa slide shows are not working for me...

    This is such a bummer...

  6. Yes, it's gone for now. If the Vodpod service ever comes back online, we might bring it back, but there's no word on if/when that will happen.

  7. This is not right, We've maintained this blog for years here and ool of a sudden, our posts look like caca... so what they say at lockerz that they are working on it is hot air?

    How can they do that to people? I have to go back to hundreds of posts and upload thousands of pictures and make word press slideshows???

    And why the hell you can't do picasa slideshows again? This is absolutely frustrating.

    I also just used one of your slide shows and I had uploaded the wrong pictures to the post in a second batch, and I had to delete them ONE BY ONE before I could create the slide show with the correct pics, ever heard of bulk actions? Tick, tick, tick, boom delete. One by one REALLY?

  8. By the way my videos on lockerz showed up and they were giving th eright code, this happened just a few hours ago, they were black before... maybe if you put it back now, it will work????

    can you CHECK PLEASE, I really want this job and I need the blog to look half way decent...

  9. Also a bulk action to take out the "like" button would ROCK, is there one?

  10. We haven't heard anything from Lockerz about the Vodpod service being restored. If we had, it would have been re-enabled here already, but it was still offline as of yesterday evening.

    We're going to re-enable the shortcode to check, but as it is the weekend, I can't promise when I'll have anyone available to do that.

    If you're having issues apart from Vodpod, please open another thread.

  11. Please do, I was over at lockerz and all of a sudden the videos showed up...

    Is the idea to have us upload all these pictures to your servers, because I already pay picasa and can't use the slideshows, at least now youtube works but I still have to go in and change each every post? This is tragic...

  12. They say also something about changing the widget code, argh how frustrating... Most of our blog is centered around slideshows of our work and videos....

  13. We have never supported Picasa, but we have our own, and we support Slideshare.

    For further non-Vodpod discussion, please start a new thread. Folks are subscribed to this thread via email for Vodpod information, not Slideshow support.

  14. I really, really need vodpod back, I don't have weeks to remake all the slideshows of the last years. Please fix it... the videos are back I can see them in lockerz, it says vodpod on them too...

    So you support slideshare now and will it be like vodpod later?

  15. the lockerz widget worked on my blog just fine (more or less). it's a pity, that's been removed.

  16. Here is the link, I see 80 plus videos so far... do you see them?

    I would have to redo all of those slideshows, pay for the space in your servers plus what we pay at picasa, it's impossible.

    Plus our blog is ruined right now, I can't share the links I need to show.

    Why haven't we been told about this? Who is going to pay for all the hours to repair the hundred posts?

    All those years of posting...

    And I have to find out while I'm filling an extremely complicated job application? This is just insane!

  17. It;s almost five in the AM where I am, I have been working for twelve hours in my application, and when I go to my blog to pull the links to show my work as asked, THE PICTURES ARE NOT THERE.

    The whole blog is absolutely ruined, I need a valium. I would have never expected something like this from WordPress, it was bad enough that we couldn't post videos from youtube and vimeo, and slideshows from picasa and that we had to do the extra step via vodpod, but it worked, so be it, but now all the posts are RUINED?

    I have supported wordpress all of this years, because?

  18. The videos on Lockerz have been working intermittently, but the ability to embed them and use the widget has been down on their end since June 7.

  19. We have supported the embedding of videos from YouTube and Vimeo since we opened:

    The only thing broken right now is Vodpod, and it's broken on their end. We have no control over that.

  20. And then I see the videos and slideshows that shoe decades of our very hard work, back there in that joke*** that is lockerz but you may have no one to re-enable the code... I'm so furious I can barely breathe... I hope you understand. Have a great day. I will try to go to bed, I would love to get some sleep and have this fixed tomorrow so I can finish all of this.

  21. You didn't support youtube at the beginning.... anyway I must be an idiot for needing to use slideshows...

  22. @mjneal: Inserting Picasa slideshows is possible. See here:

  23. can you get some answers from Lockerz? Can you put some pressure on them? Can you help them code? I mean this is a pretty serious issue. I cannot be the only person whose blog entries are missing the images and videos, it;s not just about the widget... which also make the page way more attractive...

  24. Jutspi, thanks that;s great to hear but I will still need to go back and fix 100 entries, insane....

  25. You're welcome. Insane or not, it's not WP's fault (as macmanx already explained).

  26. Ah no? Back in 2005 and 2006 when we started the blog, it was very hard to embed videos and slideshows, look at this

    vodpod solved the issues for us a link at the bar you could embed them with no further headaches it also enabled us to embed our hundreds of pictures from the albums we had at picasa

    I have no idea if youtube was supported what I know is that it was a nightmare.

    Now I just pasted the link and it worked... great! It;s many years later, but if there were issues with vodpod, wordpress could alert us. They supported vodpod and the widget and all of it and now I'm left with no blog when I most need it.

  27. @justpi and @mjneal

    I perfectly understand mjneal's anger, and I feel it too, although I'm still on control to refrain my words.

    Although it's perfectly clear that this is not WP fault, I also strongly disagree on this "It's not WP fault. I can't do nothing about it" stance.

    WP.COM should have a broader view of the situation and actively be on their "customers" side. Well, ok, this is a free service, but without us, WP.COM would not make any sense, neither any of their people could make their living out of it (I believe - and I'm not against it - that some WP.COM people must earn some cash with this service, right?)

    So, based on that, even if we are all here for free, WP.COM should go beyond just saying that "it's Lockerz fault", and, like mjneal said, put a pressure on them.

    Among other things, widgets like vodpod add to WP.COM ultimate value, and if one of them stops working, even if it is not WP.COM fault, it's also WP.COM value that is affected.

    And it's obviously much more effective if WP.COM gathers some inner statistics on how many WP.COM pages use vodpod and show them to Lockerz, instead of quietly assuming that each one of us will file Lockerz with a complaint about it.

    And please, don't tell me again that this issue is not WP.COM fault. I'm already aware of it, and that's not what I'm talking about here.


    Sorry my poor english, I'm not a native english speaker.

    My blog is

  28. I assure you, we haven't been sitting idly since the trouble began three weeks ago.

  29. @macmanx

    Really? There's no single sign of that in your previous messages.

    And what exactly that means?

    That you haven't been sitting idly because you've been disturbed by boring complaints about something that doesn't no longer exist and has nothing to do with WP.COM?

    Or is it because you've been workind around either on an alternative to vodpod or on establishing new communication procedures so that the next time something similar occurs, at least WP.COM will have the capability of sending an email to all its affected users?

    Now I'm really curious...

  30. @macmanx

    Please, disregard my previous message, except where I mention the need for WP.COM to establish new communication procedures for situations like this.
    In my case, it was only by accident that I noticed that one of my vodpod videos was down.
    Only today.
    If I have received a message from WP.COM three weeks ago telling about this issue, I think none of us would have come here in this peculiar, upset mood.
    Sorry if I exceeded myself.

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