Any news on a new video widget? Lockerz?

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    In the case of third-party services, we are working on a way in the future to notify users as soon as we notice any going offline or being discontinued, but we encourage you to follow the services themselves, as they may make an announcement before we notice.



    @ macmanx

    Thanks for the effort and a more consistent feedback.

    As for the widget behaviour, in my case, there are – as far as I can see – two situations:

    1 – The widget works as expected – This post uses vodpod to embed a Rutube video, and is up and running:

    2 – The widget still doesn’t work, but now it “occupies” the space it would use if the video was showing. This post uses vodpod to embed a Youtube video:

    You should leave it as it is now, since it works in some cases.



    Yes, that’s pretty much the same inconsistency we’re seeing.

    We’re going to leave it up. VodPod was never the most accurate after all. It never worked right in some cases, it’s just quite a bit more noticeable now as the failure rate from VodPod is higher.

    As for embedding from Youtube, try this:



    VodPod was never the most accurate after all. It never worked right in some cases.

    Well, in my case, before Lockerz entered the game, both entries were working.

    I also advise people to go to Lockerz Help Desk, at, and create a ticket there.

    However, this should not avoid WP from also putting pressure on them. I think this would be the most effective way of getting heard. Unless Vodpod widget users are just me and mjneal, which I honestly don’t believe.



    @ macmanx

    In Lockerz forums, there is this workaround instruction:

    Our development team is currently looking into making the widget work properly for Lockerz and it’ll hopefully be available in the settings page soon.

    If you currently have a blog hosted on

    You can change collections or place the widget on your site by following the steps below.

    1. From the WordPress admin page, go to the widgets panel and open the options for the Vodpod Widget.
    2. Paste this code in the box: [theme=social lcid=###### widgetType=standard]
    3. Replace the ###### with your collection ID. You can find this number by going to a collection detail page and copying the number after the /c/ in the url. For example, for this “A Capella” collection, the number you’d paste is 3597765.

    If you currently have a widget on your page:

    To change the order of your videos, please view this FAQ.

    If you have a self-hosted WordPress account, or any other blog/website:

    Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until we get the widget back in the settings page. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Could you please translate in WP terms what do Lockerz mean by

    open the options for the Vodpod Widget

    and by

    Paste this code in the box: [theme=social lcid=###### widgetType=standard]




    Halleluyah!!! @macmanx et @justpi and @glapido et all: Thank you, thank you for your help! This is such great news! It looked so grim!

    Excellent news and it is also fantastic that the need to warn users of issues of this importance has arised and addressed.

    I will try the work-around for the widget, since it made the page look much better… has it worked for anyone?



    I think that people, like us, haven’t noticed their blogs were missing their video and slideshow vodpod embeds, as one doesn’t usually look back on entries unless is looking for something like I was….



    Allright, thanks again, I ended up using some images on side bar and linking to the slideshows that way, so I don’t get bitten again by vodpod, but SUCH a relief not to have to go back 100 entries and having to modify each one!

    Both videos and slideshows seem to be working, what a relief! I have not reviewed each one, I will report if I find anything else.

    Now on to my hunt for a button that will remove all of the “like” buttons, I don’t like them!!!!



    You can remove the Like buttons from each post by going to Settings -> Sharing in your blog’s Dashboard and selecting, “ Likes are Turned on per post.”



    glapido, I think they’re referring to the shortcode box in the widget, since that’s the only box in the widget.

    Regardless though, the widget still appears to be broken, even with their recommended alterations.



    when I put in “turned on per post” it put back in the ones I had taken out, grrrrr…. but at least now I wont have to uncheck it every time, and way to take them all out in all back posts?



    That should have disable it for all previous posts (at least it did on my test blogs, where I checked before replying). If not, you’ll need to manually remove it on each.



    That’s right, the ones that I hadn’t modified, it went away, the ones that I had, I had to redo, but the math is better this way! Great ! Ok off to finish that application… thanks again, guys!!



    You’re welcome!




    thanks for re-enabling the shortcode.
    I did a search for “vodpod” and was able to see where there are vodpod-embedded videos and which work and wich don’t. so it was possible to replace some of the vodpod-embedded videos for example by youtube-videos.

    I understand, that there might be multiple problems integrating third party services like vodpod/lockerz. it would be great to have such a video-feature by WP. it especially makes sense for film blogs (such as mine:

    does anyone of you guys by chance know, if there is such a video tool integrated in the (as I was thinking about moving my blog …)



    Hello everyone! I understand that Lockerz bought VodPod, made some changes, and hence the source of our current pain.

    The wider question I think is why / Automattic only allow embedding of YouTube & Vimeo. That does cover a lot, but Kickstarter has their own video hosting, Bravo Channel, and on and on.

    So we had the VodPod “trick” to embed videos on our blogs.

    Why do we need a trick? Does “laundering” a Kickstarter or any other video thru VodPod first somehow create a security wall for

    Is there no way to create a more “normal” embed?



    We allow a lot more than just YouTube and Vimeo:

    We can’t allow straight embeds, as we would need to allow all Flash embeds, and that can pose a security risk.

    In order to post a video on, the provider would need to either offer an oEmbed service approved in the core software (like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, and Hulu), or work with us on a shortcode (like Viddler, TED, Flickr, and Videolog).



    Back to the main subject, fyi, I received, today, an update from Lockerz Guru Mason, regarding a request I had openned a couple of days ago at their help forum.

    Mason says that they’re waiting to hear something from WP.COM.
    What would that be?
    Follows Mason’s words:

    Your request (#181793) has been updated.

    To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:

    You can also add a comment by replying to this email.

    Mason, Jul 11 11:28 am (PDT):

    Thanks so much for your patience! At this time we are working with WordPress to get the widget back up. Although it may appear again, please keep in mind that functionality will still be limited until we restore the service completely at Lockerz. I will update you when we hear back from WordPress on the issue!

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Lockerz l Member Experience Guru l



    Obrigado glapido! I received the same email today. I hope this is a good sign.

    @macmanx, any updates?


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