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Any one know how to keep ants out of hardware?!

  1. Hemlock is organic. Foxglove is organic.

    Of course, you can eat ants, too. I knew a guy who raised them for that purpose.

  2. Yes, ants are quite tasty, and high in protein. Big Butt Ants are best.

    (I'm not making that up: )

  3. Ant
    by david le page

    I am an ant;
    people move like clouds above me;
    their order is bigger, not greater.

    For us there is no difference between
    them and the whims of nature
    which they do not command.
    Occasionally here or in distant places
    they may extend malign or benign influence
    over us; from the pride of strength
    which amongst them reigns,
    they assume the powers of life and death.

    Those who argue people
    are to be adored
    do so out of fear – they hold no
    love for their own teeming symbiotes.

    I do not think people have yet ordered genocides
    amongst us as did the powers
    in their own testaments,
    or that we have listened; I am not sure.

    In hours and minutes past some amongst us
    may have understood their voices,
    but now all who claim this knowledge are mad
    or of vain elites that forget we are together ants.
    They pause and shriek for a moment,
    preaching heaven and practising hell,
    as the rest of us rush by.

    I seek salvation in the barely discernible
    patterns of things, in the gentle touches
    of my companions,
    the absorption of milking nectar,
    in shared excitement and frenzies of finding.

    No matter there are many like me;
    I am complete.


    Love this one too

  4. I have an Aunt that hard to keep out of the Hard liquor cabinet.

  5. ... I think my English teacher was a moron. She said 'semut' (in Bahasa Indonesia) is 'ant' in English, not 'aunt'. Thanks dlager!

  6. My aunt is called Bea, we call her Aunt Bea [aunt is pronounced ant in Southampton but aunt in Winchester which is only 12 miles away] so if I phone her up I always call her auntie.

  7. aspartame.

  8. my ants don't know that, and i aint tellin them...

  9. Well they'll be thin and lovely if not dead.

  10. but we want ants with big butts, they are the tasty ones, you dip them in breadcrumbs like prawns

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