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Any one need myspace layouts!!!!

  1. try

    it's a really good site
    they have every kind of layouts you want (name it they have it)

  2. My Eyes! This is a support forum not an advertisment dump.

  3. Tell me, do they have good layouts for

  4. chewypupforever

    This is not a support question. More of a random junk advertisement!

  5. Really u don't have to be mean i thought that this would be a good place to put this website on cuz ppl are sometimes looking for a good myspace layout site.... go because my friends and i search forums and stumbled on good layout sites.. i was just trying to help.. if you are not going to say anything nice don't say it at all!!! The fact that you took the time to wite what you just wrote tells me you have no class! Have a great day!!! :-)

  6. There's an Off-topic forum at the bottom of the forum page. Things that aren't related to techincal issues should go there.

    Have a great day, you passive-aggressive newbie!

  7. Wow! Oh Really!

  8. diogirl, this kind of posts have nothing to do with the support forum. I moved this one to the "off topic" forum, but next time I might hit the delete button by accident.

  9. lettershometoyou

    Clutter. Get rid of it!

  10. People im new i did not know where to put this time of stuff! keep ur rude comments 2urself!

  11. You can post on this thread:

    Bit of advice. The links on the left side should be a different color because I could barely read them and had to highlight the text with my mouse to read them.

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