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any pet people out there?

  1. If you clicked on this you are likely "one of us", so I wanna hear about your fuzzbutts.

    Right now I just have 2 rabbits (Netherland Dwarf and American Fuzzy Lop - one lives with me at college, and one lives at home), a dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon mix) and a judgemental beta fish. :)

    I raised show rabbits all through high school and pretty much had a menagerie, however most of them grew old and passed away by the time I had to move out for college (or shortly after). I miss them, but right now it is better this way.

  2. my avatar is a valid criterion. yes?

  3. I'd love to keep some cute fish and canaries, but I'm too busy. Maybe later, when I have turned 80 and useless.

  4. I had a border collie, but it was just for a year while her owner was in Australia. And realistically speaking, she's probably got a blog of her own by now. They're that smart.

  5. So border collie types now...

  6. Border Collies are ridiculously little high tech aliens of the dog world.

  7. But they don't blog, do they? I have already got confused with the 'he' and 'she' in the blogosphere... now there's 'dog' and 'human'??

  8. I was someone's pet - but I ran away when I heard they wanted to take me to the SPCA. I didn't want to be neutered.

  9. Now... I think I need a bucket of Prozacs and a Pooh Bear.

  10. wo0t ar u piple tawlkin abbawt?

  11. I grew up with the most beautiful labrador/spaniel [he recently died at the grand old age of 17] he was too clever to teach tricks to, lovely.
    there was just one thing, he used to love a bone, but they used to make him blow off soo bad, he could strip the paint off the wall-we knew when he had let one go, they used to come out with slippers on, but his face would take on a look of purest innocence.

  12. Me need to be domesticated :-/

  13. perrrphripp
    A bunch of sparras ganged up on a budgie in a tree outside our house, so I opened the window and put my finger out and he flew straight onto my finger. So I had a budgie called Bert
    I am soo drunk

  14. phruppp

  15. On the internet, no-one knows you're a dog.

  16. woof

  17. RAWRR .... !

  18. I had a locust once he lived in a big sweet jar, then me mum cleaned him out and put him in a pickled onion jar, and he died...

  19. 3 dogs, my children. inspiration for 3 of my blogs

  20. i have plenty of animals!
    6 dogs (2 great danes, irish wolfhound, 2 min pins, and a pug), 2 cats, birds (2 finches, 1 cockateil), five fish tanks, and a ball python

    *whew* it keeps our household busy :]

  21. I also had a tortoise but he ran away

  22. Well... I have rats, roaches, ants, house lizards, flies, and mosquitoes. Don't ask me their numbers. I never counted them.

  23. Keeping people as pets is illegal in most of the US and parts of Western Europe.

    Petting people is illegal in 6 Southern states.

  24. Keeping pets as people is very uncommon and sometimes considered 'crazy' in Indonesia. We don't dress our cats and dogs.

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