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any Photographers/Architects/Visual Artists?

  1. creativebalorina

    I would love to see other website that show off creativity in arts.
    Share it with us all by putting your
    1) Name
    2) category of art
    3) website/blog

    here's mine for example

    1) Lori
    2) photography, architecture, painting, drawing, sewing, etc
    3) (it's a wordpress account)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hollythestrange

    Name: hollyTheStrange
    Art: Photography
    (Photo) Blog:

    - This Photograph Is Proof -

  3. name TRANZ
    living alternative, crafty's, paint, ink,,, check out fire bombing. pretty proud of this one. no pro

  4. toemail

    Creative Mail-in Blog

    Been a photographer for about 25 years but the blog is not about my work. It's more of a challenge to do creative takes on what might seem to be a very limited subject (toes). Yea, we do get a lot of feet at the beach pics, which are great, but if you scroll through you will see some interesting takes on the concept. And we want to promote good causes, so it's really all about having some creative fun with the camera and maybe doing someone a good turn.

  5. journeyphotographic

    Why not :)

    1) Journey Photographic
    2) Travel photography, with occasional ventures into other photographic genres as the mood strikes

  6. H. Well I don't conside myself a photographer or architect, but I do take a love of pictures(mostly of nature and the sky) and I do a lot of things in Google SketchUp. I have some pictures on my blog

  7. creativebalorina

    lovely :)

    I especially love journeyphotographic - soooo amazing! full of talent ! :)

    generation26 - I haven't found your sketchup stuff , and may i suggjest u have ur full post up on the main page instead of small summaries? it will make browsing your site alot easier

  8. I'm Christopher,

    My blog is about my photography and writing.

    I'm new to this so comments help.

  9. journeyphotographic

    Thanks, creativebalorina! I checked out your backbacks, they look great.

  10. kerrymurrayphotography

    Kerry Murray Photography
    Based in Lisbon, Portugal, I am a travel, documentary and lifestyle photographer with an eye for the unusual and unique.

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