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Any Photography Addicts on Here?

  1. What do you use to shoot?
    Landscape? Street? Portrait?
    Rants? Questions?

  2. Hello. I am into photography, but I rarely get a chance to shoot. I like nature and generally wierd stuff like cemetaries and old abandoned buildings. No formal schooling, but I am shutter literate. I also like post processing. I think it adds some artistic flare to some shots, not all, but some. I'll add you to my blogroll if you don't mind.

  3. I'm a photography junkie :)
    Just.. really don't have the time, especially these past few days.
    Check out
    He has amazing pictures, seriously. I love his pictures.
    You could ask him things, if you wanted to.

  4. Airborne: my blog isn't about photography, even though it is a very active side hobby of mine. But you can, if you wish =).

    Thanks for the link, firerocket.

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