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Any problems with feeds

  1. Hi,

    I get my feeds placed into a news aggregator called and they generate 80% of my hits. However the past few days it has took 4-6 hours to appear which is a problem as normally the middle of the night. I asked them to check and they repleid as the following, can anyone confirm the yhave had issues ?

    Thanks for your enquiry. For your information, all headlines are scanned, and filed into our newsfeeds automatically.

    We have investigated your feed and at present, there are no indications for problems at our end. However, several other WordPress-hosted blogs have reported the same issue since Friday. Most probably, the delays are caused by a temporary problem with the host servers.

    Please also check with WordPress, whethere there are any technical issues, or if any changes have been made to their systems recently.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. just posted a new post and not appeared yet and it used to after around 5-10 mins

  3. I have the same problems with NewsNow and another similar newsfeed, ianrobo. Two articles that has not been published. I published the first a second time and it came on and wrote to them aswell, without any answer as yet.

    It loos like a feed problem that WordPress should deal with!

  4. Hmm. You have a Villa blog and I a Wolves blog. Is there someone from West Brom or Birmingham City that has started to work at NewsNow? :-(

  5. Check what is on your actual feed here. If the posts show up on the feed coming out of wordpress, then it is likely NOT a wordpress issue.

    All the latest posts on your blog are showing in the feed above.

  6. @paddy, we would need a link to your blog in order to even look.

  7. the feed I use is

    again that is OK the WWW redirects to the other one

    it is the fact the feeds come in late which is the problem, shows up in the feeds straight away

    Paddy, not a BLUES one !!

    but seriously thats two of us with the same problem, mailed support on it as well wonder if anyone else has a problem with newsnow ?

  8. The link to my blog is
    I thought it would work here?!

  9. I think you got set as Adult for that Japanese Goth-Doll stuff.

    Anyway, I've had similar feed errors for a couple of months now and staff haven't been able to narrow it down at all. Things are now posting okay to Tumblr, but not to Facebook, although the mechanism on both is the same.

  10. all other feeds to Facebook and twitter fine, just the way that news now picks it up seems to be the problem

    the strange thing is the delay though it is not like the feed is not working

  11. I put my second article in a new post after it had not been published for several hours and published it ten minutes ago, but it's not coming up on NewsNow this time either. Last article did get published when I did that way.

    But their has been changes made lately when you look at the site statistics in the blog. The referrer NewsNow now comes up assembled, so I have not ruled out WordPress as the ones causing this at all.

  12. Yes! It did come up after some delay (about 15 minutes). But it is something wrong as I have to publish everything two times. Good luck to you, ianrobo (but not to your team) :lol:

  13. seen that Paddy, came in today I noticed, my problem has been since Saturday, the post I did at 20:30 tonight finally came up at 22:56.

    As you know when posting to newsnow, timing is everything !!

  14. Oh I have no issues with Wiolves, when younger used to go to the Molineux a lot, used to love the Bull/Mutch/Dennison team. stood on the old south bank a lot !!

  15. wordpress have come back to say that they have fixed the problem, will check later

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