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any program like "Youtube" that can play songs on our blogs?

  1. Hey,
    are there any programs like "YouTube" that we can get songs on to play in our blog? You know like "YouTube" has it's own little screen where you can press play or stop! Is there any player like that, that we can play music on? I hope we can because you can on Myspace and WordPress is soooooo much better than myspace!!!!!

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

  2. Didn't we just cover this for you? ;)

  3. oops!

  4. Yeah, i know but they arent music players, They just put the url on your page and when you click it it takes you to the site to download it.
    Im looking for a program that just plays the song on the blog.
    Sorry for the confusion :-)

  5. And, oh god please don't!

    It's singularly the quickest way to drive readers away from your blog.

    Along with bad spelling and punctuation (especially exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. savethe oc- MySpace has a music section. Perhaps you could put a link on your blog to the tunes you want your visitors to know about over there. That way they could choose whether or not to click it and listen. This would be preferable to your visitors being unexpectedly blasted in the ears with tunes they are already listening to on their i-pods.

    cornell - you forgot the black background templates with gray fonts that are so hard to read that one's eyes cross. They usually go with the ear blast territory. But then again the lack of contrast templates are probably a blessing when all there is to read is strings of mindless mis-spelled obscenities in these blogs that always lack content. I think they should be on your "blogs to avoid like the plague list too". ;)

  7. Timethief - Thanks, good idea, i'll go check it out.

  8. Gotta admit that I'm in the "Don't autoload music" crowd as well.

  9. Oh yes... please please please don't autoplay music on your blog... Drives me freaking bonkers... If I wanted to hear music (which I do) I'd be listening to it locally (which I am).

    If you're a muscian and want to advertise your music then you still should not, IMHO, autoplay the music, provide a button and link to play music if you're visitors want to hear it.

    If I wanted random noise with my info I'd read television.

  10. One of the reasons why is sooooo much better than MySpace is that we don't have autoplaying music ;)

  11. there is actually a pretty cool player ( that one can embed in a blog and there is an option for the auto play, so the player does not have to be set to auto play. i am hoping will think about allowing its use.

  12. Send in a feedback....

  13. i did, they said they would take it under consideration.

  14. That's good. We have an issue here with folks not reading the threads that they post in. Wanted to make sure you saw that suggestion up there. :)

  15. I hope all these features that has been already made available for wordpress (sliding player, vodpod, odeo) can be found in our dashboard so people won't be asking similar questions such as this.


  17. Read the thread and follow the instructions Read the thread and follow the instructions

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