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Any "Pure Photography & Art" Blogs Here At WP?

  1. my blog is my daily work journal, and except for a few personal entries it's all about my art.

    don't know if that is pure enough for you but here's the link.

    I've been running it over at blgspt but switched to here a while back, the blog's been up for a few years.

  2. wheretotakephotos

    Yes! (most up to date)

    Now someone email me & tell me how to get 5000 daily visitors, not just 50!

    regards, [email redacted]

  3. Hobby photography --

    my blog:

    Keep in mind, I'm just getting this blog up and running.
    Check it out.

    Also my other blog:

    I'm looking for all sorts of feedback :)


    freelance photographer ... photography based only blog

  5. lifeontheedges

    My blog is a photoblog, some shots more "artistic" than others. I try to remember to tag every entry with photography, photos, and photoblog, but I've noticed that sometimes especially the first two take you to blogs that don't have much to do with photography, they just happen to have a couple of images embedded in the entries.

  6. Here's one for ya.

  7. arjenlutgendorff

    Started a photoblog yesterday, i life in Holland and would love to get some tips and comments on my blog. Am sure going to watch some of the blogs here in this topic!

  8. if i am not miss understood with the above post, should have feature such as "webring" or just "join same theme/group" like, so blogger/poster with same preference can gather in the same group.

  9. @ wheretotakephotos

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  10. I just set up a blog for my artwork (mostly prints and drawings)

  11. degeneratiphotography

    My blog is a photoblog.

    it's nothing fancy or special right now since I'm just starting out but maybe you'll find it of interest. ^_^

    A good friend of mine is also running a photoblog on here, she's very talented and linked on my site in the sidebar and throughout the blog so be sure to check her out as well!


  12. My blog's 'purely art', and I pretty much just started it. I'm using it to give updates on what's happening with WIPs, conventions and useful tutorials I find/make. Hopefully it'll get off the ground.

    And shameless plug:

  13. I'm an art student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. It's my first year in photography.

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