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Any "Pure Photography & Art" Blogs Here At WP?

  1. macroartinnature

    I hope that it is okay to post this here. (Admin?)
    Running a search on this subject basically brings back nothing.

    My question is, ... who here at WP has a "pure photography or arts" blog?
    I can search through the tags maybe, but it still will come up with such a wide mixture of blogs that it is not worth going through them all.

    I simply would like to see some blog links from WP members that deal with "nothing but" photography or the arts.
    If you have anything in your blog about Bush, Hillary, Obama, Britney, American Idol, Anna Nicole, Iraq, Bank Of America, ... whatever, ... anything other than photography and/or arts, ... then it does not count!

    Again, I simply would like to see some pure photography & arts blogs.
    Please leave a link here in this thread, ... if this is okay with admin.

  2. Are you looking for blogs about those issues, or image-based blogs instead? We have more typists than artists, so we have a lot of essays about art, etc, although there are quite a number of photographers with photoblogs here as well.

  3. macroartinnature

    Well, ... anything about photography or the arts.
    It can be purely images showcasing a members work within the blog, articles on photography and/or the arts, ... a bit of both maybe.
    I have ran across a few from WP members and I am sure that there are more.
    They are just not that easy to find!

  4. Not sure if you're looking for more history or specific artists. One thing you can do is do a search with key words in your favorite search engine. Just add into the search bar. For example:


    Hope this helps,

  5. macroartinnature

    Thanks guys!
    I'll try a few things on this end to see if I can make the "narrowing down" a bit easier for me.

    I do wonder if a "blog - category" list would be of any benefit? (Or is there one already maybe?)
    Say, that the blog/site owner could simply check off 1 category in a established list that best suits the type of blog that they have.
    For instance:
    And so on.

    This way, if there were ever anyone who would like to do the same thing that I am interested in doing, then they simply would go to that category list, click on the category that interests them, ... and see everyone's blog who is mainly "editorial, photography, art, technical, etc.," related.

    Just wondering out loud!

  6. Here you go, this was in my referral traffic Is that what you're looking for?

  7. The single category idea has been suggested but it won't work. 1) Some of us don't have one major category to label our blogs with but upwards of a dozen. 2) To abused by spammers.

    Good idea though.

  8. Hey there buddy :) My blogs all about the art hehe, im an aspiring concept artist so I guess thats probably why. Keep a look out in the Blog section for updates on video walkthroughs. Cheers!

  9. equinoxstudios

    you could check out my blog (shameless advertising ;) ). pretty much all of it is vector graphics. only, i don't get inspired much, so there's little to see :/

  10. macroartinnature

    Mike, ... I did not think very much about a blog that might have more than one major category.
    Good point there.
    Could it not be a matter of choice for the blog owner?
    I mean, ... everyone would not have to check off a catergory.

    Spammers? I did not think about that neither. Another good point from you!

    Now I wonder if someone with a proven track record with WP could choose a category to be in?
    Say, if someone has been blogging on a regular basis with WP, after 3 months or so, then they could add their blog to that list, thus eliminating spammers, ..... possibly.

    Hey, ... I'm no guru like you guys are with building things like WP, ... which is wonderful.
    I'm just kicking some tires! : )

    You other guys, ...... paying you a visit here shortly!

  11. Could it not be a matter of choice for the blog owner?

    Agreed, but if you leave it as optional, you're still in the same position you are currently with the tags. Not everybody uses them and they're not always right.

  12. macroartinnature

    I see Mike.

    Ahh well, ....... just shootin out some ideas!

  13. Not a problem. :)

  14. There's also that artist's blog that is consistently in the Top 100 and sometimes in the Top Ten; I can't recall her name, but she's pure art and art theory. If you troll through the Top Blogs in English you'll find her; the titles are always descriptive and art-specific. And I would assume her blogroll would be a good jumping-off point for you.

  15. well I'm an 'art photographer' and am using my blog here to show work in progress.. .
    I'm planning to do some general commentary on other photographers, but haven't got around to it yet!

  16. A wonderful photography blog here:

  17. My daily photoblog:

  18. I'm a professional photographer in Brunei Darussalam with a portfolio in Corporate Events, Food, Travel and Wedding photography and a signature post processing technique that many have mistaken for HDR. and

  19. Macro Art in Nature -- great idea! Suggest you make a Feature Request in the Ideas forum. I certainly find it difficult to find my own posts using the home page tag cloud method. In fact, I will also be placing a feature request in the Ideas forum re having a search box on the home page. I'm surprised they didn't think of it right at the beginning, after all this is a database and online directory of sorts!

    I'm a photoblog -- [jm.n] ( -- showing only around 20 images at a time, changed regularly. Cheers!

  20. this thread seems to be evolving into a plug your photoblog here... it sure beats searching the related tags. =)

  21. Yeah, I was thinking that as well.

    I'd really hate to have yet another sticky in the off topic subforum since it's specific to a specific topic but we'll give it a try.

  22. Well, mikeb is trying to find other bloggers who are photo/art-specific (check his original post)! drmike is due for another coffee... ;o}

    I have also 'fessed up (in another post re the ability to search WordPress blogs in the Ideas forum) that within the dashboard there is something called Tag Surfer and Blog Surfer. I have tried the Tag surfer only a couple of times, and that seems to work well in finding posts. I am now going to try and search for the terms 'photoblog' 'digital art' and other tags similar to those I use on my blog, to see what comes up within the WordPress. com family. If it works well, I'll let you know here.

  23. this isn't exactly wordpress-related but photobloggers can promote their photoblogs in other places, or even search for other photoblogs, such as this one:

  24. bloggersanjida

    try it. it is the blog of photojournalist shahidul alam, who is always on the move allover the world. he was also the principal of the photojournalism school i went to, so i know enough about him to say that he is one of the movers and shakers in the field of photojournalism. i hope you enjoy your visit there!

  25. The turquoiseblue one is incredible..thanks for posting the link..stunning pics!

  26. macroartinnature

    Man, ... I initially started this thread back in Feb. and have promptly forgot all about it! : )
    Got some catching up to do, ... and some visiting to do in the next few days!!

    Thanks everyone,

  27. Well Mond is working on making her blog a gallery of her illustration. Currently there are 3-4 artworks featured in the blog

  28. I have a blog with my graphic novels/comics if you're interested.

    - Biyang Hansen

  29. theclickclickpress

    I'm just starting out with a photography/design/architecture blog at the moment if you fancy it.... any suggestions are more than welcome.....

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