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any suggestings for getting feedback?

  1. tasteslikebaddecisions


    I'm new. And I love to write, but I also love feedback. I think it makes me a better writer, helps gear what I share (or in my case, overshare) with readers (like the 2 I have lol).

    I figured, if I'm living through this nightmare of online dating hell, someone might as well get a laugh out of it. I mean, after I've been peed on, had a date cancel during the date when his ass exploded (and then he found my blog about him), dated a narcissist, and narrowly escaped a Stage 5 Clinger, I figured I should share.

    Granted, I lack a filter. lol. But, I thought I would ask the forums on advice that people have found helpful in getting readers, getting feedback, and just getting myself (in all my disaster-no-one-wants-to-date-me-clearly-glory) out there.

    I'd appreciate any advice, comments, good, bad, or hilarious. And I'd be happy to read your blog back!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As someone that walked through the hell that is online dating, I'm enjoying your stories - filtered or not! I only wish I had thought to blog at the time.

    On the feedback topic, I know what you mean.... it is tough getting readers when you have so many people trying to get them. At least you have the 2 lol!

    I feel bad encouraging you to keep it up, because its essentially encouraging you to keep having bad dates... but I am enjoying the stories.

  3. I haven't read your blog yet (I'm at work right now, will surely read it soon. Apologies). On first look basis, with a topic as interesting as yours, you should consider adding pictures to the blog. Also go for a more vibrant background theme, this background suits more for a subtle topic. Just my two cents

  4. tasteslikebaddecisions

    @ Pwldaniels--thanks! Yeah, well, I plan to find someone, eventually, so I'll be going on the dates (from hell) even if I don't blog about it. Might as well vent somewhere. Well I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback after reading it, feel free! :)

    @sayali611--thanks for the suggestions! I'm new to wordpress, do you have to suscribe/buy the other types where you can add pics? I tried a few other of the available formats, and it was hard to customize them. I guess people who customize buy the advanced stuff?

    All good things come free ;) It is a pain to look for the kind of photo you want, but this works best for me. Tried getting picks from a friend, but they always have limited stocks anyways.

  6. Someone on WordPress is looking for dating disaster stories. You may want to go find her.

  7. @tasteslikebaddecisions
    Re: images
    The images in Google's index are not free for the taking. In fact, most are under copyright and using them without receiving prior permission is a breach of copyright. Google posts the copyright warning so there is no confusion about this yet it still persists. Before you use any image you must go to the site it's on and read the Terms of Use (if they exist) or the copyright posted there. If you are looking for free sources of images then there are 71 sites listed on this page scroll down to images (free sources), and obey the Terms of Use in every case. Some require a backlink and some do not.

  8. Im in agreement with most of the people here, add some more colour and vibrancy and you're on to a winner. :)

  9. @ tasteslikebaddecisions

    My blog is customized but I didn't pay for a thing. All you need is a digital camera or a scanner, plus some imagination.

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