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any suggestions as to why my stats aren't showing

  1. I'm on my 6th blog, and so I do know about the API key etc, but for some reason i've added stats (like I always do) and nothing! I know i'm getting traffic because I'm pointing traffic from my other blogs, to this new blog. I've also tried wp-stats-dashboard and short stats and i've still got nothing. WP adn Short stats have both been up for 48 hours.

    any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's the blog in question?



    It's new, it's only two weeks old, but I'm not getting anything regardless of the fact the stats from the other blogs are telling me that traffic is going through to avoidgfakes

  5. charlotteenglev

    The same problem here

  6. I'm getting nothing from google analytics either

  7. Mine was working til about noon today. then the counter froze.

  8. anyone else, still having problems? I sill can't get mine to work!

  9. Yes, me. My hits were down 40% yesterday, and the same pattern is developing today - I'm 50% or more down on what I would expect to see on a normal day at this time. Hits can fluctuate, of course, but this is way outside what I'd consider a normal fluctuation. Definitely something wrong, I think.

  10. Oh, and only on referrer too - that's WAY down on normal.

  11. Damn! ONE referrer, not "on"!

  12. Hey, when I hit the send button for that I got a green pane saying Whoa, slow down, you move too fast, bearing a logo which I think was BBpress. Has WP been hacked? Gonna pass this on to Support, just in case.

  13. It means you were making too many posts in rapid succession. It's normal. :)

    Can't help you with the stats problem though, sorry.

  14. matthew1973: you haven't installed the stats plugin (or haven't correctly enabled it) on, that's why you're not seeing any visitors.

    ronsrealm: your stats aren't low. Go to the stats tab of your dashboard and click the 'Weeks' tab at the top of the graph. The trend is clearly upwards.

    Traffic on any given day can vary greatly due to any number of external factors. Looking at the traffic on one or two days is not sufficient to draw any conclusions about a trend or stats issue.

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