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Any teen bloggers out here?

  1. I just opened my own person blog to use as a journal type thing. Not really into monetizing it or anything, just trying to say what I feel and find other people to get to know. I'm a 17 year old guy so I'm probably one of the smallest minorities out there... but I'm looking for any late teen girl/guy's blogs to watch. If this is you, tell me. Or if you know of any.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello. You can check my blog out if you want. :D

  3. hollythestrange

    I'm 16. You could read my blog, but you probably don't want to.

  4. Hello there! I'm 17 as well. My blog is kind of a random journalistic explosion. Thing. Check it out if you wanna :)

  5. I'm 19..You can check out my blog, but you may end up feeling a bit depressed. Rough times right now..

  6. I'm fifteen and I mostly blog about music, though I do occasionally go into my "personal" life.

  7. Cool, thanks guys :D

  8. Im 16 and run like 7 or 8 sites by myself (not all of them are very active). You can check out some of mine if you want.

  9. Hey, I'm 19 and I started blogging few months back.You could check my blog out, but as of now it isn't too much of a sellout!

  10. As from yesterday (or the day before, I'm not quite sure. let's blame that on the holidays) I'm that kind of blogger. I'm a late teen girl/guy (girl btw) with a public blog.
    I like your username, 'Dude, I'm bored' was going through my mind when I made an account :P

  11. Hey! me and a couple of friends have a blog mostly concerning tech. come and feel free to check it out!

  12. I'm 19, and I just started my blog yesterday. I used to blog when I was younger but I stopped a year ago and just recently started my old habit.
    If you're interested, here's my link:

    a few new friends would be nice to start (2011) or end (2010) the year. :D

  13. hey! i just started a blog myself. im 17 and i want like the exact same thing! just to get peoples opinions and stuffffffff.
    its just me documenting my day haha

  14. I'm 14, so I suppose that makes me a teenage blogger, too.
    I'm just writing about things of interest that happen upon my mind.

  15. I'm currently 16; blogged when i was 13, returning now. ;)

  16. hey there! I am 17 as well :) you can check out my blog, I just started not too long ago but since writing is a passion of mine, i thought why not start :)

  17. As of tomorrow, I'll be a 17 year old guy! Woot. But, I'm kind of just starting off with a chain thing, so, nothing too serious I'm blogging on. So. If you want to check mine out...
    Mine's basically for the same purposes, and just to have somewhere to let myself let go, and vent sometimes.

  18. I'm a young teenage blogger. I get about 100-150 hits a day so maybe you'll be interested. At one point in my life I was bullied into depression, but then my hero cam into my life and brought me out of depression. TO deal with my pent up emotions I wrote letters to him all the way until a year dripped by. Here I am now. Maybe check it out?

    I'd reccomend the 12/24 letter :)

  19. I'm 17, and I just started a blog here. I've been looking for bloggers my age :D
    REALLY happy to find this forum!!
    My blog's about the little things in my daily life, I hope you enjoy my posts. I will start posting more from tomorrow .

  20. I hope I'm not too far out of place here. I'm 20, and just started blogging here on WordPress. If you want to check out my blog, go ahead! I hope it will be interesting to you. Mind, I've only gotten one post and my about me page up so far, but more posts are on their way!

  21. *5 sona,also 20,a new blogger,looking to get in touch and help promote blogs on here,ive just set up a friends page,drop by check it out and comment or contact me either below or on my page to be added
    all welcome no matter what blogging style or topic you discuss
    happy blogging
    btw if you have questions,or help,looking to self promote feel free to ask,or just need some critical feedback,i seem to be spending alot of time on here getting up and running,and ill be more then happy to help
    later guys

  22. Always the late one, I'm Erin, I'm turning 16 in two weeks, and I write about stuff I observe, stuff that pisses me off, or normally, both. If you like anger and bluntness check my stuff out (:

  23. 15, started when I was 13 I blog about Fishing trips, and rare fish.

  24. I'm 20 and just started my blog. You can follow me if you'd like :) My blog is similar to yours with writing what I'm thinking about sorta deal

  25. Hey I'm 17 years old and I blog about tech, sport and life. I started to blog a month ago. Check my blog :

  26. Hey I'm 17 years old and I blog
    about tech, sport and life. I started
    to blog a month ago. Check my
    blog :

  27. I'm 16 and I started a blog about the clockwork of girls from my point of view. working on an interesting first post xD

  28. hey guys im 13 yrs old,probably i think im the youngest person who use wordpress,
    well i got some websites here

    and on my site


  29. Hey I'm sixteen and just started blogging last week.
    I write about random things and happening in my life and what i do with my time.
    I'm glad i can finally find a group of young people on here.

  30. I'm 14 and I'm an artoholic.

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