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Any teen bloggers out here?

  1. I'm sixteen and would love it if you made some traffic on my blog ^_^

  2. Hey, i'm 16 and so far I'm just really trying to figure out who I am. And I'm new at this whole blogging thing. so, if you guys could check this out i would strongly appreciate it.

  3. hey, i noticed a lot of replies are from bloggers who are 17, I'm 17 too.
    my blog is about all the common stuff a teenager goes through

  4. I'm 16. I started blogging when I was 13 (or 12?). The blog was (I closed it.). It used to get 150 views daily when I actually posted on it lol. Now I blog at, but I only get around < 75 views/day =( I'm only blogging because I like it, AND it'll make a nice book of samples when I apply for an internship at Gizmodo or IGN (when I'm in college) =D

  5. authorjdhughes

  6. 16, i'll be putting up more poetry soon, but if you all want to check out my poem called Don't Ever Leave, that'd be awesome. I really want to get my writing out there.

  7. I'm 15 and I just opened my account yesterday. :)

  8. authorjdhughes

  9. I am a 17, soon to be 18 year old girl :)
    I write about my life, and how other people might live their life.
    Lets be friends :)

  10. I turn 20 in June, so I still make the cut. To me blogging is all about inspiring and being inspired. One young lady that comes to mind is Tavi Gevinson. 14 years old, outspoken, unique, daring and an influential voice in fashion today. While the fashion world may have their eyes closely watching Tavi, she still remains her quirky self. Go Tavi !

    Check out Tavi's blog, The Style Rookie. Her story is truly inspiring and her blog, highly entertaining.

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