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Any teen bloggers out there?

  1. loverofgreatbooks

    I am a teen blogger (who isn't?) and would love to meet some other young teens and their blogs. Is anyone out there?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am.

    I havent been active in awhile but im about to start back up.

  3. winniethehugger

    Me too duh who isnt a teen like you said . xD

    I am:

  4. Me too, although a new blogger.

  5. I'm a teen and I'm a new blogger.

  6. I'm not an extremely new blogger, but I am a teen. Check out my blog and see how you like it! :)

  7. I'm a teen blogger and i talk about my life and things on my blog so if you want to visit me then that would be appreciated.

  8. I'm eighteen, and I blog about Math and related topics. :) different from other bloggers.

  9. Mine is not a teen blog, but this particular post qualifies I guess -

  10. I'm a teen, and I blog. So, I guess that makes me a teen blogger?

  11. xxfrozenflower

    Just turned 19. Don't know if I still count... |D

    I remember this recent "teen bloggers" thread here, in case that helps~

  12. hey guys! i'm actually a teen blogger (male 17) from, but i'm sneaking over here to because i feel there are more teen readers here ^^ (shh)
    my blog ( a series of small revelations i have about life that i like to share with others (accompanied with music, pictures, and video of course)

  13. That makes 12!

  14. I feel like I've left a link to my blog in a couple of these threads already, but I'll do it once more - my blog is about books, pop, and life in general. (:

  15. I'm 14 (youngest teen in this forum, probably) and I have a pure shoujo blog. :)
    This one's been on for one month.

  16. I'm 16. Just started blogging. I blog about my life and my photography. And well just random things. So please check my blog out and I'll check yours.

    WARNING: I am a teen so, some posts may sound like rants.


  17. I'm eighteen, so technically I'm still a teen. My blog is very fresh, but I'll be writing about college and my life and memories from high school, so I guess I qualify as a teen blogger. :3

  18. This is the 1000000000000000th teen already. Someone needs to stick one of these on top of the forums page.

  19. Today on the blog we're talking about local sports teams and high school athletics as the fall seasons are about to get underway. What's the outlook for your team this season? What's your team mascot?

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  20. Why do we have to be a teen for you to like us!?

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