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    I’m having a weird issue with my blog. Any theme that I use (and I’ve tried many to test this out), there is an issue with the widgets and the side bars… All but my most recent posts will be wider than the newest one. The title of the second most recent post even shows up at the top of the blog. I’m so confused and am out of ideas.

    Can anyone please help me?! Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Issues such as this are typically due to extra closing div tags in the HTML of a post. This disrupts the structure of the page on which the problem post shows up (your main page or a category page), so usually it’s the rest of the content that will appear messed up.
    You must first click the title of each post to see which post is the culprit (in your case it’s the latest post). If you are familiar with HTML, you can examine the HTML of the post and remove the extra div tags. Otherwise you can go to Settings>Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes, then make any insignificant change to the post (e.g. add then remove a space) and click Update.



    Wow thank you! I went through the posts and removed any of the div coding. I also did what you said to do in the settings.

    Thanks for much for your help and detailed response. Much appreciated!



    You’re welcome!

    You don’t have to remove all div tags – just stray ones; that is, closing tags like this:

    if they aren’t paired with corresponding opening tags:

    (You had two such instances in your post.)

    And yes, keep that option enabled and you’ll never see such a problem again (or, to be precise, never again except if you add wrong HTML in a text widget: the auto-correct option applies to posts and static pages, not text widgets).

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