Any theme show comments in larger type?

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    I’d really rather not have to dive into CSS.

    I’m using Sapphire, and like everything about the look – but the teen-tiny type for comments. Rather than ask if there’s any way to tweak that without paying for CSS – doubtful – guess I wonder if there’s any pleasing themese folks are aware of that have the comments in larger type. (I chose Sapphire in part becuase the body text is a decent size – what is it with tiny comments? We’re beta testing JS-Kit for KTVZ.COM and have the same problem – us old folks need bigger type without futzing with browser settings;-)

    Other than that, love and look forward to a long relationship;-)


    Try The Journalist, Pool, Rubric, Silver, Regulus, K2 Lite, Misty Look.



    There are theme reviews at, but I’m not sure how up to date they are.

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