Any Theme Use “Times New Roman,” 12pt or more?

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    I’m trying to build a book on a wordpress blog. Before hiring someone to CSS edit it to a readable size of the Times New Roman font,I wanted to ask if there’s a theme I should use that would do that for me as “non-optional.” Seems that would be the simplest/cheapest way to get it done, if I could be so lucky (in an appropriate looking theme).

    I have bought the CSS upgrade, but am not excited about having to learn to use it. Here’s what I have up so far, but it has a long way to go in the font department before I’m happy with it.

    Thanks to all!


    Themes using Times New Roman? Quite a few (e.g.: in the first page of available themes, three out of fifteen).



    Thank you.

    Can you please tell me where to get that information on the themes; how to get that information to pop up regarding the themes? I scrolled through 5 pages of them, clicked on a few possibilities. They “sampled” my page in that theme, but I didn’t see any specifications listed about fonts or font sizes.



    The only detailed review I’m aware of is this (but it only covers 21 themes):

    So for the total of available themes I can’t think of a better way other than previewing them to see what fonts they use – or compare them to a model text of your own, if you’re not familiar with how Times New Roman looks. If you’re veeery patient, you can also activate each theme and get precice info by checking its CSS stylesheet.

    For what it’s worth, the three themes I hinted at are Connections, Cutline and DayDream. (As you understand, I browsed through the first page of themes only.)


    The one thing you will probably see is that in the world of the web, font sizes are not by points. They are typically by em units.



    Try for a summary of the different themes.

    Also, I’m pretty sure you could set the font size and style using html in each post, rather than CSS if you prefer. I bet panaghiotisadam could tell you how.


    This is pretty much the code for selecting your desired font. Instead of “veranda” you use whatever font you want. The “font-style:normal” shuts off italics, which I like to do for blockquotes. For regular text it’s not needed, although it’s harmless to leave it.

    <span style="font-size:14px;font-family:Verdana;font-style:normal;">YOUR TEXT</span>



    Thank you to all who have contributed here! I apologize for the delayed replies on my end. I made this plea for help, then got too ill to follow up with it as I should have.

    Can you please post the beginning and ending codes for times new roman, in 1.6em, in black?

    And also, please tell me, do I enter that in the edit screen under “html” view, or is this something I need to do with the CSS editor?

    Additionally, in some of the instructions somewhere, I read that something that seemed to imply these changes can only be made the first time a document is created, as if to suggest it’s not something you can go in and “edit” after the fact. If that’s correct, I guess the next question is whether I can enter the font-code into a new document, then just cut and paste my blocks of text from an old document, and have the font-change take effect for the whole block of text?

    Thanks again to all of you!



    Oops — rosclarke, I tried this link: for them to tell me it doesn’t exist, but inviting me to create it! Am I missing a . or a / or something?



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    For each post:

    <div style="font-size: 1.6em; font-family: Times-New-Roman;"><span style="color: #000000;">YOUR POST'S TEXT</div>

    Paste the code in the html window. To edit previous posts, put the code before “YOUR POST’S TEXT” and at the end put the end div tag. </div>


    <div style="font-family:times new roman;">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</div>
    Try that first; if the default size won’t do for you, then use this (you can change the px number as you see fit):
    <div style="font-size:16px;font-family:times new roman;">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</div>
    In the html post editor, of course. The “div” tags are for text sections; you can use “p” instead, for single paragraphs, or “span”, for any text portion. In the theme you’re using the default text color is black, so you don’t need code for that.

    The “seemed to imply” part is incorrect: you can edit whatever you like in an already published post. Just don’t forget to click Update afterwards.


    @revisit: That link is actually (but it doesn’t have detailed information).

    @tess: size, color, etc. are all attributes of “style”: as long as they all refer to the same text portion, you put them all inside the SAME tag.


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    Oh, right. I had brain freeze and couldn’t remember black=000000 so I used the visual editor to choose the color and then didn’t notice that it added the extra “span”
    Odd, though, that it didn’t close the /span.


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    I’m learning, though. ;-)



    This is a neat resource, owing to all you who help us out! Let me go play around with what I have for a while, and hopefully that won’t generate more new questions than answers!

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