Any theme with bigger default font size?

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    I’ve tried several themes, and they look great. But they all share the same problem: the font size is small.

    Because I write my blog in Chinese. Unlike English, it requires bigger font size to see each word clearly (and comfortably). Is there any theme with bigger default font size?



    Bigger than what? I’m afraid you don’t give us anything to judge on.

    Someone’s doing a theme review. YOu may want to do a search of the forums here for ‘theme review’ and take a look. I don’t know if they have included font sizes though. You can though manually add in font tags to your postings. There’s a FAQ on the subject for you to read over.

    And, of course, you can change your font sizes with the CSS upgrade.

    Hope this helps,



    More easily read than roman characters in firefox at normal on a 17 inch screen.In firefox the reader can increase text size. In Opera the hanzi styling is harder on my eyes. I’m without Internet Exploder on this login, so cant comment on that.



    Any reader using a windows system can use either crtl and + (plus sign) to increase font size or alternatively use “view” and “increase text size”.
    I have a 17 inch screen and am using firefox browser.
    Setting those aside, I have a lot of trouble seeing the tiny little fonts used in the themes and my readers have given me similar feedback. We also find having to increase every blog’s font to make it readable to be a pain in the nether regions. I tried all the themes and ended up with k2 lite because I do not have to mess around increasing font size to read it.



    Here you explain it is easy to read the fonts and yet condemned my font on my blog(not to mention including 2 links to your site which Akismet saw as spam and I agreed).

    Pretty amusing this is.



    Condemned is really harsh language that simply doesn’t apply in this situation and I certainly didn’t use it or feel it axe. I’m no drama queen … I simply told you what it was like for me. I’m sorry you found the links to stories about the Mexico to Canada super highway to be “spam”. IMO they are related to the 700 mile fence story you posted. They were both picked up by Digg yesterday and have been my top posts for some time now.

    Let me explain to you that I do not have normal vision. I am a vision challenged person. I have issues not only with font size but also with lack of contrast and with blurring vision. You have chosen a theme “chaotic soul” with a black background and very small font. I did increase the font size so I could read it and I did fight to focus all the way reading your post before I left my comment. I could address one vision problem out of three at my end of things. The bottom line is: it was so heard for me to read that I told you the truth I won’t choose to try.



    You said”your font is so hard to read that I will never visit your blog again” I would say that is pretty condemning.
    Furthermore, you posted two links to two different articles,both on your blog.Combine that with the link from your name and your single comment had 3 links to your blog(frankly I am surprised you could post that much considering you could barely see it).

    Then when you posted your last reply here, you also tried to post it on my blog. Seems like spamming is something that is quite natural to you.

    However, your spamming is not the real issue I had. It was the remarks about my blog being so hard to read and then you posting here that it was easily fixed. Just seems like a contradiction in terms is all.

    But, hey…whatever!Just stop posting comments to my blog. I have already told Akismet that you are spam.



    I’m sorry also that you felt hurt by my statement that I would never visit your blog again. Perhaps if I have typed the words boo hoo and a sad face emoticon :-( it would have conveyed my meaning better. I apologize for hurting your feelings it wasn’t my intention to do so.
    I most certainly did want to enter a dialogue with you on the issue of the 700 mile fence and the related issue of the super-highway from Mexico to Canada. I just couldn’t hold visual focus long enough to do that which is why I left the links instead of typing a lot of words to tell you about the other related stories.
    I’m sorry you have an issue with me leaving two links to my environmental blog in my comment on your blog, but you see my username is linked to another of my blogs so without the links you may not have found the related stories. I assumed you would want to follow-up you post on the fence with another blog post on the super-highway but obviously I was dead wrong.
    Blog long and prosper, Axe.

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