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Any theme with the option to remove the "author" from the posts?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Do you know any themes where you can remove the author's username from the posts?

    Thank you

  2. There are themes that do display authors and themes that don't. On themes that do display authors a custom design upgrade is required to remove the author.
    Themes Author displayed or not >

  3. Wow there's page for that? You guys are great, WP rules. Thank you.

    I asked this because I want to register a new blog but I don't want it to appear in my profile or any other place that might give it away. I want to blog there completely incognito.

  4. If you are logged out of and you create another username using a different email address then the two blogs will not be associated with each other. Perhaps that's the best way to proceed.

  5. Yes I was trying to avoid that, but it's the best way indeed. Thanks again.

  6. It truly is the best way to proceed. Best wishes. :)

  7. You might check out iNove theme. I know it allows you to hide tags and categories, and I think it allows you to remove the author as well. (appearance > theme options).

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